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Fire Emblem Heroes


I'm a day one player, and am a big fan of the series. I actually was hooked on it because of my sister. You can fully customize your heroes' skills and grow them tailored to how you want. The hero pulls are very good in my opinion. No hero gets left out,because of the Rank Up star system. Heroes are well drawn and beautifully voiced on the interaction screen. The music and sound effects are very well done. FEH is best played with earbuds for a better experience in my opinion . In game, they are adorable chibis in a chess like scenario, with straightforward environments. However the story is not what you would expect from Fire Emblem, but the playability is what you'd expect from a company like Nintendo, an addictive and rewarding time sink that all FE fans shouldn't miss. Husbando and Waifu collectors can rejoice. [鬼臉]

This game deserves all my heart. I've been playing since it was released, and am in absolute love with it. Think of it as Gundam and Kingdom Hearts mashed together. It is a stellar game that's definitely worth the effort. War of Genesis doesn't and won't disappoint you. It finely balances F2P and P2W with great gifts and freebies. The storytelling is very good and well voiced ,it has a decent battling system and optional guild. The community in game is very chill and helpful. You wanna be a badass captain with a crew of great characters and an assault team of machina? Do you wanna build the best battleship ever? This is a game that deserves a try.

I really like this game. The pulls are pretty decent ,but the execution of the concept/idea is fantastic. Despite the battles being short, the graphics and animation are something you'd expect from Square Enix. It has the feel of Mobius Final Fantasy, yet the gameplay thrill of a Star Ocean game. If you are looking for a "go with you" version of Star Ocean, this is your game. The story is nothing exciting, but the gameplay makes up for it in full force. [哇噻]

[Read carefully please] I'm here for only the game,not the good/bad gacha pulls. It's seriously fun,with great voice acting,design and chibi chess like feel, but, In my honest opinion,it's trying way too hard to be like Fire Emblem Heroes, and I can care less whether you wanna hear it or not. You have to be either stupid,oblivious or blind not to notice. The concept is identical, but a wee bit better than FEH. Regardless of the common gacha curses ,I still like the game,and am still playing. If you like RPG's, decent storytelling and have great tolerance to gacha disappointments, Langrisser deserves a try.[色色]

#COMPASS | Japanese


I really love this game. Hoping for English translation soon, cause I can't read Japanese, but am doing well. Gameplay wise,the controls feel out of place,as with similar MOBA games,you have your virtual d pad,and your attack buttons,as here,you engage opponents physically and with cards. I also enjoy the soundtrack and oddly virtual environments. If you have time,give this game a whirl. You might like it. [色色]

Blade Smash


I can't say good about a game that can't play on the Note 4[驚訝]

Triple S


Very nice game on every aspect!Hack and slash like these win my heart instantly.-1 on the story,cause I really don't know what the characters are discussing. However,I do know the basics,playing so many games with various languages. Definitely worth a try.

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