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the game has a lot to offer. fps, rpg, gacha. one tip from me is that tweak your control to the one you're fits you the most. the position of the controls is what i meant. like me sometimes instantly use my skills even though i was just touching the screen to drag the camera. took me awhile to get use to it. there's lots of hotfixes by devs so at least the devs do listen to what we're complaining about. though the battle interface is much more better than when it is the starting release. i think the only prob that i had is the base where you use the original MC, the control there is quite clunky. overall the game did cater to bunch of players. r

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


imma play this abit longer. initially i came here for the event reward. here's my first 10-15 mins comment on the game. lots of payment going on in this game. the game is well translated. the voice n bgm is kinda so-so.

the game is fast paced idle game so expect much action for ur finger to tap on rewards n such. u don't even have to do anything in the first chap cus there's strong npc helpers beating the enemies.

lvling up mechanics is such is simple. collect potions n lvl. i think the hard part in this game is probably the gears or equipments that u need put on chars which i haven't touched on yet in game as of writing.

those who r in asia is gonna flip the time cus the free stamina prolly makes u play the game at night, dawn n then the day after.

seems like there's lots of free stuffs given. no worries for the acc bind maybe since its bind with qooapp. just don't use the wrong qooapp acc i guess.

the combo skill effects in this game is kinda cool. wish there's more of these game that had that synergy combo system. reminds of romancing saga 2 in the ps2 days.

lastly i think this is good time waster game. not so bad but not too good, just fine. that's all I have to say. everyone, keep gaming!

An idle time-waster game. spicy content. good l2d characters. no plot just game. bgm is ok but the voice is good.

all in all, its mediocre besides the r15 factor. n honestly i thought they fought all those mobs b4 playing the stage would get me something lol.



The game can be played by p2w or f2p but f2p will have a bit of hard time to get something out of the gacha so f2p player will to rely on stacking ticket or in this case, employment contracts and pump those out to what characters u want to pull.

Visually stunning n cool, quite a fanservice here n there. Full l2d chars with most of them voiced. The story is good. The soundtracks r cool, lots of electronic style during battle. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes classy. Lots of genre of song mixed in. The intro loading is lit with though the lyrics is kinda funny but who cares? a jam is the JAM!

SKINS! well since the game is generous in giving the ingame currency by doing dailies n weekly. There r skins that u can get by quartz(ingame currency) but there is mostly skin that's using paid currency aka admin coins so if u wanna support them, buy some skins etc.

gameplay wise, its a strategy, side-scrolling game with PvE n PvP elements. if you don't like the PvP, just stay away from it. its good to play PvP from time to time for the reward it gives every week. Lots of different types of enemies n bosses, form ur team to cover each of their weaknesses n win. One main point of the game is GEARS. U will need them, a lot of them for many different situations.

There's a lot of conveniences about the game to ease ur farming, there's the auto battle function, auto repeat, stack stage system, complete all or claim all button. so u can leave it on repeat while doing other things.

Overall its a good game.

Now one thing I might point out to criticise about the game is in the phone specs, to those out there who wants to play the game, make sure u have 4gb RAM or higher phone recommended. I play in 3gb RAM phone, runs ok but quite laggy with the skill effects n such. but its not like it is not playable but everyone wants a smoother gameplay to play the game IMO. If not, just play it on PC. the game had a PC client ver. google it.

Nevertheless I'm very satisfied to play the game. Keep gaming!

gacha salt

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