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Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


this is a great game to play if u play on finding game for long run. its constantly getting updates and the community is good too.

Zombie High School


when u thought Chinese character was scary, take a look at Korean character. The picture trick me into thinking it has English language but yea....



Game is pretty much like Splatoon. Very fun game. only thing that's bad is just the camera angle and maybe Abit of the control. Do try it

Game isn't that bad. I would say that the combat is alot better than arpeggio of blue steel. But still it's more of an auto game. visual and JP voice is good. But each have their own preference.



if you love girls Frontline, u will love this too.
Game, art, voice and even ost is good. The Story is not bad but it's abit confusing .But main problem is account binding.

This game has 2 D side scrolling battle and some other extra stage. Would recommend if u understand Chinese since the date function is visual novel style.
Game is not bad, it is pretty enjoyable too.

once again I was cheated by the illust and VA
but gameplay wise, it's bad

Blank City


Graphic wise is good, JP voice, character doesn't look that bad. But the gameplay though. The movement , combat isn't as fluid as honkai impact. The combat just don't have that impact. worst of all is the knockdown ... Just doesn't feels fun to play.

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