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you a lil boy to me
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you a lil boy to me
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One Piece Thousand Storm


This game is recycled trash.

P2W content, pull every week if you wanna clear stuff or need whale to help out. Content gets repetitive and they put the same characters over and over again.

This anniversary event use basically stock costumes with an aura. Luffy no costume, Buggy no costume.

They increase special attack lvl cap lol which means you need to spend more to reach the limit of special attacks. They also change the Kureha format to a much inferior format with types, making it so that they need to give out a lot more else the rewarding becomes very shit very quickly.

Basically everyone is hooked on 3rd party RC sellers since without them they won't have good prices for in-game currency and they won't have enough in-game currency to clear content.

I recommend everyone to quit :)

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