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Pretty good game to be honest. I really like visuals, characters look very nice and I actually enjoy their 3D models during battles, they fit nicely. Interface is pretty simple, very similiar to Brown Dust, it could've been a little better.

Gameplay wise it's good, nothing mindblowing, but very enjoyable. It's variation from what Brown Dust gave us. It would've been better if battle maps were bigger, but I am still having fun.

It seems that we're not able to easily do summons other than 1-3 stars summons which kinda sucks, but will probably be easier in the future. We can receive scrolls thanks to events and Quests, tho. Game basically rewards you for being active and loging daily.

Story is very basic, don't expect anything grand, but I think that kind of game is fine with only decent story.

To sum it up. It's pretty good, I am sure it will be even better in the future. If you liked Brown Dust, then you'll like this game for sure. Give it a try!

Aurora Legend | English


Guys, chilli lol. You're making good game have 2.8. If only you read Basic info you'd know game is available in 2 countries and more servers are coming soon. They only just finished CBT, chill, Christ...

Witch's Weapon | Korean


I want it to be a good game, but it is not. Visuals are okay and music is great (strongly inspired by Persona's music so it Has to be good), interface and design is also nice, but.. Gameplay is not. Game plays for you. You only move your character and press charged skills. No attack button, no Dodge button - nothing. On top of that, your auto attacks stunlock enemy, so even elite monsters and first bosses can't even land 1 hit. I dunno why this gamę is getting such a good rating. I mean, if someone likes watching your character auto attack enemy for 10 secs, then yeah, this gamę may be great!

Diva Destiny | Chinese


This game is amazing! It looks good, it sounds good, gameplay is really fun, there's a lot to do and there's a lot of really cool songs with more iconic anime songs coming soon!

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If anyone's wondering: this game IS fully translated in english! Read Note
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