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Quiet bad fan service game. The sprites of every character move and behave similiar with even some 5 and 6 star units having barely any difference between them and being the exactly same artwork copy pasted. The use of base is eye poking. The card artwork is pretty good but playing the game just for that doesnt worth it.
Gameplay consist of of you just picking a team and leaving your phone on the side,doing something better with your time since its just an automode battle even when you dont press automode.
There are 3 songs maximum in this game that get annoying pretty fast due to them been too generic to be memorable.
The gacha events are interesting and pretty fair but they are held back due to the art of sprites and building/equipment that you get along with the gacha characters been awful.
Its a quick cash grab for the developers , just like the rest anime games but compaired to them this one is also lazy and uneventful with zero gameplay value. Recommend to check the wiki for the full character artwork instead of playing this.

The art style is smooth and unique and the character designs are classic and well drawn,its pretty fair with the in game currency with lots of daily quests that gives you free premium summons. The gameplay is 2d third person explorasion style and tactic rpg fights (kind like disgaea style). The only problem i faced is that the character gets stuck during the gameplay and wont move or move with a 30 second delay but that only happened twice. Mind the game is in Chinese so i cant say if its any good or not but it seems to be about demons hunters helping people who have problems with demons.
It could really help if there was a wiki or a discord server for this game,it deserves more attention and love



The character designs and animations are beyond amazing,now if someone could tell me what the flip do i do during the gameplay it would be awesome... until then i just randomly place stuff. This game deserves more love!

The game will shut down it's servers on 23th of January,2020!!!

Other than that,this game had a pretty bad start,was full of bugs with the game shutting down on its own and many parts of the story been unaccessible. Suprisinlgy,most of those bugs would not appear if using VPN and set your location in Japan,which is how i played this game for the first couple months.

However,as of today (20.1.2020),those bugs no longer appear for me and i can play the game without VPN use.
One of the strongest features of the game was the 3D models each character had,which was interactable outside of battle. In the character menu,you could play with your 3d character,check the data on them and even listen to over 20 voices each character had,with unique script from the original voice actors from the 2018 anime. Each character also had their original 2d artwork,so if you were lucky to get the character you like from the gacha,you had tons of fun!
Which brings me to gacha,probably the weakest point of this game. In general,its hard to collect free crystals in this game (so yeh,it was more pain to win) and unless you happen to get free multy summons on special events,you had to save your crystals for months in order to try 1-2 multy gacha for when your favorite character would be featured. Not to mention,the gachas dont always give characters but also scrolls,which are like equipment you can put on your characters to power 'em up. The ratio would be 8 scrolls to 2 characters per multy so you would end up always having more scrolls than actual characters.
Its sad to say that the story in the game was actually much more understandable than the 2018 anime,as if they had first made this gacha game and then based the anime on it(?). But yeh if you know japanese,the story was more like the original manga series with the developers planning to add characters that were not present in the 2018 adaptation (never happend thought cause the game was shut down).
The battle is pretty automated,you can only control the characters special attacks but everything else its completely random.
Farming for evolution materials and lv up materials was also tedious as the drop rate was very small and each character had big demands in materials to grow stronger.

All and all it was a pretty good and ambitious game which had no right to be as good as it was especially since the anime it was based on did really bad. It was mainly focused on pleasing the small fandom of the series and had much more fanservice features compaired to other anime apk games. It's a shame the game will go down in a couple of days...

*excuse my bad english

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