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Game is good shet.. Only sad part is seeing your waifu (Himeko) die and this time she's dead for real..
But last patch is where the game's story truly shined..
The missing waifu is now found, new powers for the cute waifu which she's now playable this patch *insert Dante's WOOOHOOOO YEAHHHH here*, and the dead waifu lives again (xept in a different timeline)

Cant wait to see what's coming next

Dragalia Lost


5/5 one of the best games i've ever played... Gacha is forgiving, Story is nice, VA's are awesome even the EN voices, graphics is what you expect in every Nintendo games.. I Highly recommend this game

Came for the RAIFUS
Stayed for the PTSD

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Awesome game... Sucks to see Himeko gone though so i give it 2 on storyline [大哭]

3.2 is where the story truly shined... The reunion with an old (and extremely cute) friend, the return of Himeko (xept in another timeline), Redemption stories for Otto and Cocolia.. And Bronya's new powers...
Cant wait to see what's in store for next (Hopefully they fix the installation problems first)

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