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Anime enthusiast/Bayonetta/Skullgirls/Cytus/Horror. Seeking music recommendations :)
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Anime enthusiast/Bayonetta/Skullgirls/Cytus/Horror. Seeking music recommendations :)
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Donut Be Seen


A very cut pixelated game with alien cats!
Guess this takes cat burglar to a whole new level...

Sweet Sins Superstars


Cute chibi art.
Really good spread of music that's free!
Tap sensitivity could be improved I think.
Wish I could earn currency a little faster.

Cute little fox with a temper.
Beware your actions, her words dismember.
Remember: she's got a secret.
With microphone in hand, she takes the stage.
Matters not the lyrics, matters not the time.
Lady can spit fire with her growl.
Not gonna lie, the Death Metal really sounds epic coming from her.

Similar to the other Endless Runs available, this one pretty much depends on player reflexes and timing in order to score high. A twist here is the attacking system. If attacks are poorly timed or done wrongly, the player loses health. I must admit that the health system is quite generous if comparing against Temple Run (max 2 trips).
Not much to comment on sound design, I suppose it feels satisfactory to hit the bad guys away?
Gameplay is harder when the player progresses to higher stages of the run. Unfortunately, there's also a weapons system in play which means it is impossible to continue after a certain point due to low damage deals to enemies; enemy swarming and speeding up of the stage. The game is quite nice where it uses ads for players to get free items. Although, grinding for in-game money is quite tedious. Even then, it takes a fair amount of time to have enough to purchase a more powerful weapon. The game also gives different run modes to test skill, they're not very different from normal runs except for rewards.
Overall, call this a more complicated Temple Run with a girl you can dress up and Jokers to kick off screen.

Fishing Food


1. Adorable food comes to life and really colourful.
2. Not much sound ie BGM, mostly quiet fishing. Except during the diving.
3. Easy gameplay, might need to grind a little though. More of a completionist's dream.
4. No over-arching story but some very funny dialogues. You can even submit your own!
5. Not bad. I was here for food and I got food.

Disney Emoji Blitz


It's a cute match 3 game for all your Disney characters. The sound can be a bit distracting at times when playing. Item-wise, I think it could improve on the pricing of pulling new characters as well as the drop rate of in-game objects.
Overall, cute time waster.



For a 2D Fighting game, SkullGirls Mobile (SGM) offers much to play around with and strategise over in contrast with traditional fighting games.

Graphics-wise, the animation manages to deliver a rather smooth (and wild) moveset for the various characters. Each playable character's unique moveset calls for very crazed battles and at times, funny ones. The menu screens are neatly arranged and are quite easy to navigate.

As for the audio aspects, jazz is one of the major influences. One character is even built around jazz! The background music adds to the experience of gameplay. It is great that most of the original game's music is ported over. Other than background music, the voice acting is praise-worthy. The cast names are available for view in-game; audio is changable between English and Japanese.

Gameplay is a far cry from the previous ports of Skullgirls. On a mobile platform, strategic placement is one additional necessity. This game is no longer simply about combo memorisation. To further add, since the mobile game has role-playing game (RPG) elements (levelling up, unit-collecting, resource manipulation etc), playing becomes much more engaging than just tossing in random fighters. Grinding is expected but there are various opportunities to earn the virtual currency rather than spending actual money to obtain the in-game ones.

Story-wise, there is a visual novel style aspect to the game. The story, while not extremely important, does give players some ideas as to the world within the original game. Enjoying it at least once is recommended for enhanced immersion into the game (especially since SGM is supposed to be set before the events of the original Skullgirls).

To me, there is much to offer for a fighting RPG like SGM:
1. Ladies, gentlemen & other beings up for play. A collective cast each with their own stories in the mix. For a deeper appreciation of the lore: (
2. Ear candy available! Accessible on YouTube too at "Skullgirls (Mobile) OST" or (
3. Deck building for those who enjoy trading card games & quite possibly finding a new waifu/husbando
4. Good portability for on-the-go gaming but expect high data & battery consumption. Steady WiFi recommended.

While this is a derivative of the fighting genre, there will be some obstacles with learning the controls on a mobile device. Not an impossible goal, but a significant degree of practise for reflex speed is to be expected. Spam tapping does not work on a mobile device.

Other points to note:
- Any form of inappropriate behavior will be punished as seen fit by the game developers. Unlawful hacking included amongst other kinds of behaviour.
- Breezing through the opening sequences is not recommended.
- Forums are the go-to for community discussion. In-game links are provided & regulated by moderators. Additionally, consistent social media checks for announcements and updates are encouraged.
- Gameplay settings can be tuned for attaining peak performance ie. preservation of data and battery.
- Backing up data is possible across 4 platforms.


Neko Samurai


A slashing Samurai will slice through his amphibian foes.
You can count the number of deaths with your toes.
Timing is everything.
A misstep can mean all or nothing.



1. Graphics
~The game is set for players to basically escape a room. Each room has basic 3D designs with varying degrees of details. The animation between rooms is smooth & uninterrupting. Points for: simplicity in room-styling; usage of visual cues. Best enjoyed by exploring each area slowly. Menu screens are also very clearly labelled & make navigation quick and smooth.

2. Sound
~While there is much to look for in the game, sounds give an added layer of immersion. The background music is strangely fitting. One thing to note: sound serves as confirmation in this game.

3. Gameplay
~The game has many rooms to solve. Every theme consists of three rooms (stages). Each has its own unique style of puzzles. There are also larger scale stages (ie more areas of exploration). Although there is repetition to the visual aspect of the puzzles, the game twists them very flexibly. With progress, the basic puzzles gain more layers. These built-up challenges make gameplay very entertaining. As an added measure, hints can be unlocked via an ad or with Coins (an in-game currency). The total Stage count stands at 63 for now.

4. Storyline

5. Value
~The game is fun for those looking to play the Room Escape genre. If you dislike horror, this game has none of it. No jumpscares, no gore. This game rewards constant play with "Stamps"; gaining Stamps allows players to get more Coins for hints or unlocking stages. (Every 5 Stamps = + 5 Coins)

However, there are potential drawbacks:
-Internet connection is a must.
-Ad watching is inescapable (No existing IAP to be rid of ads available).
-There are time-bound locks. (ie Wait x minutes before unlocking a stage for free or pay a price with Coins/ads to skip the wait.)
-Data cannot be migrated upon app deletion.

Overall, try playing should you:
-don't mind the ad-watching.
-enjoy breaking out of exotic places.
-be willing to challenge your inner escape artist.


Samsara Room


1. Simplisticly styled and tailored with great detail. Each room has its own world of secrets and tricks to uncover. Getting acquainted with the controls (navigation, inventory, item equip etc) would be wise for new players unfamilar to the series.
2. Sound adds an added layer of suspense and mood to the game. As this game series' contains horror elements, sound will be a clue to puzzle solving at times. Kudos for eerie background music.
3. Gameplay is at its core, puzzle solving. For a room escape type, the clues left around can go from simple to head-scratching. Expect double takes as you move around, some clues are hidden in plain sight. For added challenge, dragging objects is now a thing. No longer solely tapping.
4. The story... is subject to interpretation. For a complete timeline, a possible plan of action would be to play by time of release. The Rusty Lake wikia contains a list of game releases in chronological order.
5. This game is wrapped in mystery. The ending opens up more questions than answers. If you're looking for a good story, this one's is very vague. If you're new to the Cube Escape series, it would be better to play the other titles (free ones!) before beginning Samsara Room. Each title has its own small story to tell with some degree of continuity and links to one another. Nothing will be clearly explained.

Overall, this game is worth a download if:
-playing detective feels fun
-you don't mind jumpscares
-being weirded out is within your comfort zone.

Two Eyes - Nonogram


1. Graphics
For the ones who want to immerse themselves in simple yet striking drawings. The transitional animations are also quite smooth in my opinion (IMO).

2. Sound
Good background music (BGM) that makes playing feel calming. Recommended to at least listen to the loop once.

3. Gameplay
Simple controls with a few adjustable variations. May take some time to be comfortable with the controls. Since the game is a puzzle (nonogram), expect levels to display more challenging grids upon further progression. The game if I recall, has a separate mode apart from the story meant for practise on gameplay. Consider using that function if you want to practise the look and feel of the overall game.

4. Storyline
For those who do not mind a heartfelt tale of 2. There will be tears depending on which end is seen.

5. Value
First, I was here mainly for the story. Once I finished every ending, I left the game. Second, I like this game simply for the story and overall design. It's somehow calming atmosphere was a major motivation for me to keep going until I reached the end. Third, this game is a puzzle.

Overall, play this game should you:
-like puzzles (logic types)
-wish to enjoy a sad story
-want to manipulate pixels on a grid


Pocket World 3D


1. The game has a great collection of dioramas to make. Each from a different country of Earth. Almost every piece of a puzzle invites you to truly consider where it should fit.
2. The music this game has is somewhat fitting for its game archetype. It does at times, provide a soothing feeling when you listen long enough. Of course, it does not mean you will not enjoy the game if you prefer other background music choices.
3. Gameplay is a challenge. On one hand, certain pieces only fit when viewed in a specific angle. On the other hand, there can be a lot swiping involved which may become annoying. To make up for that, there is diversity in the stages and the collections. Stages come in sections (like how you would assemble furniture from IKEA) but the pieces are all jumbled. Collections can range from the Americas to Asia and there still is more than just countries. There exists collections by time period too, a rather interesting concept that could spark an investigation once you've completed an entire set. Even more helpful is the fact that you will be treated to some background info on a finished individual model (except the space it gets presented in could be bigger). If you truly want a tougher challenge, try the limited in-game events. They will be tiring, but they consist of already existing models. There is also the feature of exponentially increasing your rewards with an ad.
4. NA
5. Now you might be thinking: If there is so much to look forward to, why do many find it bad? There are some reasons: this game used to have fewer collections. Newer collections were added on a weekly? basis. The game mainly required players to complete a collection before allowing to move on. One could not progress without some degree of completion. There were certain levels that demanded a fee with virtual currency (not just ad-watching). Another issue would be ad prevalence. Yes, ads are a tool to increase your gains but they began to appear even when not expected/needed. Additionally, future additions to the game seemed to have a heavier use of the virtual currency which puts a strain on a player's freely-obtained stash.

Now, I wrote this because I have played this game to see through a few updates. If you're a veteran to puzzles, this style of puzzle-solving might be an interesting choice. If you're new to a genre like this, consider playing just the general puzzles for fun. Enter the limited events should you want a time constraint to the experience. Should you find playing more troublesome than rewarding, quit.

Here's an idea: use a stylus to swipe.

Edit: Apparently, it is not necessary to complete every level (ie. the ones bought with virtual currency) in order to unlock the next stage.



1. A great collection of scenic background art that set the mood of the music. The menu screens give off a very sleek design. A wallpaper collector's dream.
2. Not your mainstream library of music. Kudos for exploring a variety of genres and styles. Additional touch sounds also contribute to the futuristic theme.
3. For an android user, the game performs quite well. The only downside is when players encounter levels with heavy tapping. Controls are easy to understand, tutorial was able to explain the controls in an simple manner. There are secret features.
4. Based off gameplay alone, there isn't a clear cut (concrete) story. The game allows the player to interpret freely the sequence of events. An interesting idea, made better with the background images and music.
5. I find this game deserves praise for a few aspects. First, the game has given me a chance to listen to different styles I never usually encounter. Second, there is a sense of satisfaction when I complete a level perfectly. This is a reachable goal for most levels and it does give me some pride to attain '100%' on an entire chapter. Third, it has managed to impress me with its vivid storytelling by combining a track, an image and vague details.

Overall, this game is worth the effort should you:
-want to listen to its tales
-desire to let your fingers dance across your screen
-like appreciating pictures
-believe its offered challenges are goals you want to realise

Other things to note:
-Majority of the content is free, a few bits require payment
-As of this point in time, the game no longer has continuous content additions.
-If I recall, downloading the game was not free for Apple. However, there was the chance that it went free during the game's anniversary. So purchase this game then if you want to save up on the buying fee.


Cytus II


1. The graphics give off a very modern and futuristic vibe. Players will be treated to great eye candy (if you are a fan of anime-esque art). The game is very heavy in terms of space (high quality graphics), but the detailed pieces of artwork make up for that.
2. If you are willing to expand your music library, consider finding albums online and giving them a listen. Youtube is a place to start. There are playlists sorted by chapter so you could treat it as an album. Each chapter belongs to a character so you'd want to search for the tracks by character name.
3. As an android user, the game mostly functions. The only hurdles are the tutorial and getting used to the play style. As there are some RPG elements, expect grinding.
4. A rich world of original characters. Each has their own path to follow. Expect doing replays/rewinds if you truly want to know every detail.
5. I still have this game for a few reasons. They are: it's music, it's design (menu screens and interfaces), the artworks, and the amount of money I spent on it. As mentioned around, this game is not entirely free. Certain genres and features demand a fee. However, there is a silver lining in terms of the sales offered. (check official game accounts for that*).

Overall, this game is fun to play. However, the learning curve is challenging. It could be a deciding factor that may put you off keeping the game.

This post was brought to you by someone who played the Original Cytus and also spent money on that.

*Note: If I recall, there was a time where downloading the game was free. That was during the game's anniversary period.

1. If you're a pixel person, play this. The animation and scenery gives a sense of detail and depth while playing.
2. For added ambience, the background music provides a soothing but also upbeat feeling. Of course, sounds will change depending on location and actions. Points for really fitting tracks!
3. Gameplay is a challenge. Easy to grasp but difficult in practise. It will take time and patience to master. Once able to do that, the experience of going fishing becomes richer. Keep asking around for tips and pointers! The RPG is strong with this one.
4. A somewhat confusing story initially. Would recommend: a repeated play for enhanced immersion; keeping track of interactions.
5. I didn't purchase anything so I can't say anything on the iaps. I will say this game is valuable for its visuals, the stories it has and the fishing experience it has to offer.

This was brought to you from someone who finished the game once.



I like this game mainly for it's aesthetics. I've played a few Match 3s before so grasping the game's rules is not that difficult.
However, I would like to stress that this game is by no means simple. While there are many familiar elements (basing this statement with reference to Candy Crush Saga), there are many original ones that can make playing the levels a very challenging experience. If you're a F2P person, HAVE A STOCK OF POWER UPs for difficult levels. Do not be discouraged to lose all lives over a single level, you can return later for Round 2 or request help from friends.
So far, my only pick is that the game hasn't a tutorial page that I can refer to when in doubt.
Overall, I play this game for its challenges in the gameplay and the story content. Wannabe detectives welcome!



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