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Idol Land PriPara


Good Game sadly Alot of Bugs wish they fixed it soon [大哭]

Tower of Fantasy | Global


im just having fun in-game. but people being overdramatic giving the game 1Star views for no reason and some views are more suspicious

The UI is much better than before and I wish the co-op system is not going to be lagging problem

Vanguard ZERO | English


Fun Game

Final Gear | Global


Wonderful Game [開心]

I can't wait for Natsumi and Neptuna collab

Ash Arms | Japanese


cool Game i only hope i have a new Android phone to play it
i can't finish the trail right now

overall the Game is great if your phone version is 7.0 or higher
in my phone the game is lag well i maybe wait until i buy new phone

Venus Eleven | Japanese


Cute and cool sport Game I really hope this game has a global version [害羞]

it's good but I can't open the game I don't know why
it says the game has stop
I hope it will fix soon

The game is good it's really similar to KanColle and Azur Lane but not a rip off
Well i hope this game is having a global version soon.

Nice game one of the amazing game i ever play

the game has a little problem that some players can't lag in on the game because every time you open the game it's all black screen please fix it

I'm totally Excited to play this game

Mega Miracle Force


I'm been waiting for this game signs I heard it
This is a simple game that is inspired by the pixel version of Neptunia Game

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15-port-F:200 anyone know how to fix this  Read Note
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