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Miyabi 23552023

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I enjoy this game because it's a otome game (๑•̀ω•́๑)

The cards and characters are beautiful! You can reroll the first 10 free gacha until you get the card you want! Since my internet speed is VERY SLOW so I think it really nice for them to include this features and I don't need to clear the data and re-download again just to re-gacha. My luck is pretty good in this game too so...(๑•̀ᄇ•́)و ✧

But I think the tutorial is too long. You need to read about 10 stories. As many of us are not good in Japanese, maybe some of us will feel annoyed going through these stories (they have speed up feature but no skip feature). However, it is a fair game to me since the re-gacha feature save my time in the first place so I am okay with it.//

This game is a moba game for smartphones. Personally, I do not have any experience in moba, not even LOL. But I really enjoy this game. The characters are those from the Chinese myth so it's kinda unique because I think most of the game use Foreign/European myth as a background.

The game is easy to play since the tutorial is detail. Even as a new player of moba, I can learn the control and system easily.

Warship Girls | Global


At first, I think this game is just for Male. But after playing for a while, I am addicted to it and enjoying it too!

The setting of vessels is in detail and I learn some knowledge about it while playing the game// Like the different formation and different skill that a vessel have.

And I really love the fact that the resources will automatically recover even if players are offline. So even if you are not a hard core player you can still get resources to construct new ships occasionally.

Although sometimes the game will have error in loading but it can reload easily. I am sure this problem will be fix. Let's not criticize this on a newly published game~

Overall, this game is still awesome and I will recommend you to try it out too!(〃'▽'〃)

Not a fans this game. The tutorial is too long and the gameplay is simple. It feels like wasting the time for a long tutorial. And after your gacha/purchase of a 3☆ monster, the tutorial keep forcing you to power up and evolve the 1☆ one. So what's the point of buying that more powerful monster in the early stage? (literally require you to pay 6000 gems for the monster while every npc is just paying 802

The design of the monster is too similar (dark green/grey/white with dinosaur-looking monsters), the monsters don't even have a significant change after the evolution. Not going to continue playing this game since I am not a big fans of monsters fight in the first place...

Just my opinion though.

The graphic not in a high resolution but the art style followed the anime style. The CVs are the same too.

The gameplay is easy and I think it is more appealing to the original anime fans than the newcomers because the gameplay is a ordinary turn-based battle. The gameplay do not require that much of strategy. So the playability is not as high. The transition screen is quite lag and often result in a black screen for a few seconds.

But on the other side, the atmosphere of the game is quite good as the music changes during different stage of battle.
Will recommend it to the fans of the original anime.

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