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Will try to make guide for the games!
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OH~! My Office


Super cute and relaxing game with Elly and Gilbert!ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

For gameplay, it is a simple tap and play game but will really need you to focus since players need to catch the lazy employees within the time limit. I remembered playing a similar game when I was a child so I am relatable to this game!

For graphic, it is 2D and in chibi style. I don't mind 2D game unless it don't fit the game setting. In this game, you are in a god-view above the office so it is ok to just use simple and cute 2D graphic(≧ω≦)/

Overall, it is a good game to kill your time and there is Elly and Gilbert. What more can you ask for?!Oh...right, maybe Mr. Qoo and Lily LOL



Just became a JoJo fan recently and started to play this game. I always think this game is super adorable even before I am a JoJo fan (/^▽^)/

For graphics, it is not like those 3D game, it is a 2D game. Yet I love the chibis so much because they are different from the aura from manga/anime.

For gameplay, it is a simple game like the candy crush. The gameplay is relaxing, not too much complicated aspects but not too plain. You can change their room decoration and roommates. There will be special events for certain combination of characters too! However, I think the gems are too difficult to get and the gacha require too many gems. It's not like I don't want to kakin but the ration of gems/expense is not balanced for me. Hope they will have some kakin sales in the future.

Overall, I still enjoy the game and will recommend it to JoJo fans(๑•̀ᄇ•́)و ✧

For music, the songs are catchy and you can get to the rhythm after 1-2 plays. I like that there are various types of music included so players can challenge them one by one♡

For gameplay, the gacha rate is okay but I hope they can introduce some boost up poll for certain groups soon. The battle is a little bit too easy for me even for hard mode because the notes are not that much. I believe that they may adjust them in the future so it's not a big problem. The most important thing that I want them to improve is that they should allow player to choose to turn off the background MV after the first play. The MV is sometimes distracting and I will miss a note for that〒▽〒

For characters, I think the setting is amazing! Their characteristics are so diverse and suit the group themes. Although I chose the red team, I also like other teams due to their unique setting. I hope they can add some new clothes for different cards like ES and Utapri so that players can build a special dance team!

Onmyoji (NetEase)


This game is the 1st 3D battle game that I played a while ago but uninstalled due to my bad luck. (Like I only have 1 SSR and I am 40 lv(ノДT) But aside from that, the game is satisfactory in several aspects.

For characters, I am absolutely fond with the yokai setting! I always love Japanese myth and they included a lot of mythical characters with their background stories so I am really into this!

For gameplay, I appreciate that they have lots of features but I stopped playing it for like a year and now I need to catch up with the tons of updates! Like, TONS! If anyone have tips for the game please feel free to tell me!

For graphics, the 3D model is not as detailed like Shining Nikki but it is up to standard. The characters skins have different themes so that you can change from time to time. Although I think the skins are pretty, most of them need tickets to purchase so I am really
struggling to decide which to buy...I hope they are cheaper, like how about having a limited sales?

This game is like a simple version of the mystic messenger!

For characters, players get to be both gender at the same time with 10 characters to communicate. I didn't play the female version but I think this design is quite unique!

For gameplay, the storyline is greatly connected together. Like one of the male is your supervisor and one of them is your junior. There are messages from the other characters even when you are communicating with the current one so you need to remember their preferences and info in order to choose the right response! This is challenging for me LOL

For graphics, there are 2 CGs per characters. I hope that they can increase the amount of CGs to make it more realistic because I used to send photos with my fds when I am using similar apps.

Overall, I enjoy this game a lot but I hope they will add a path that you can choose your favorite to be couples instead of friend zoning everyone. That's too sad...(;д;)

Inuyasha: Naraku's War


Not a huge fan of Inuyasha but I still enjoy the game!

The game is like an online game which you walk around exploring, talk to npc and clear quests. What surprised me the most is that the game is so smooth on the mobile device! I've tried playing similar games on my phone but most of the will lag. So I'm amazed that the game can run smoothly with high quality of graphic[開心]

The system of the game is also impressive. Players get to develop relationship with the characters by choosing alternate answers in the story. The voice acting of the line are on point but I hope they can add more voice lines during options so the players who can't read Chinese can have a basic understanding on what's happening.

As of improvement, I hope the summon rate will have limited boost rate in the future/different outfits for the characters!

Overall, I will rate this game 4/5. [厲害]



The game is similar to Touken Ranbu. Maybe because they are from the DMM games.

In my opinion, this game is more friendly to players than the Touken Ranbu. First, players don't need to test our formulas for different characters since there is a gacha pool. The gacha rate of the pool is quite good too!(I got 2 5☆ characters in my 1st 10x gacha(๑•̀ω•́๑)) Also, the game added the 2x speed feature and auto play feature so it's less time-consuming.

Moreover, the chibi room feature is very cute. It allow players to gain resources and restore the energy in the room. And the characters will change their clothes to more relaxing one so I really like it! You can take a rest with them if you are tired for battles!

I hope they can stabilize the server as the game develops and I will continue to support the game!(๑•̀ᄇ•́)و ✧

SuperStar BTS


Very Good!

Grimms Echoes


What can I say, it's SQUARE ENIX. The quality of the game is clearly good, but not best.

Like, the tutorial is too long but there's gacha in the middle of the tutorial so it's okay. (It will be better if I can get a 4 stars cards [大哭]) I don't want to reroll because the game didn't have reroll feature and the gameplay before the 1st gacha is too time-consuming... So I just stick with my 3 stars cards.

I like the fact that the game is like a PC online game. Players can control the character to explore around and talk to NPCs. Players can know more about the game setting by doing so (if they can read Japanese).

Also, I love the characters because they are fairy tales characters such as Alice and Little Red Riding Hood. Although I think they can have more detailed 3D models, considering that this may cause a lot of more RAM, I understand why they keep the characters chibi and simple![害羞]

The game is much better than I expected! Although the release time is a little bit later than promised but hey, at least it's more on time than that Dis____ RPG am I right?[耍帥]

The characters design is adorable with high school girls in sailor suits! I heard that in Japan sailor suits are just for junior high schools but our high school girls pulled it off! That's just how cute they are![色色]

I saw many people saying the frame rate of the game is low and the game is laggy but it's ok for me. My game runs smoothly. The longest loading time is only when I gacha and the game need to download new cards (about 30 secs). FYR, I am using Samsung Tab S3 with Android 8.0.0.

I hope that there will me more events with the girls in different costumes, maybe like the Cultural Fes in Japan high school![哇噻]

Mr Love: Queen's Choice


I played the CN version and the TW version of the game a think the translation in the English version is a little bit weird. Using the title of the game as an example, the meaning should be "Love and Producer", but then out of no where it's translated as "Mr Love"...

The gameplay is the same as the other two versions, as well as the gacha rate (which means I can't get any SSR in the gacha T^T) Hope they will catch up with the event progress of the other version so that I can at least get some SR!

But I still love this game just based on the boys' appearance :P



A game of my childhood memories!

They added many different gameplay methods into the game. For example, level combat and race of eating the dumplings. The new features are quite creative and refreshing!

However, as many people mentioned, there are too many p2w items. Like players need to gacha for characters, skills, costumes, etc. Players get more powerful if they spend more on the gacha. When I am playing the game, I greatly realize the difference of kakin players and non-kakin players. Although it's normal to kakin in mobile game these days, but the p2w items in this game is a bit too many for me.

I still enjoy the game but I really hope that they can reduce the amount of p2w items so that players can focus more on their skills and play the game like when we were children, fair to every one.

Aurora Legend


The one thing that I dislike is that the download speed is too slow when you first launch the game. But besides that, everythings seems fine with me. I didn't get error code or lag or something like that. The gameplay is smooth and it's nit time-consuming. The game will continue to battle and level up while you are away/closed the game. So it's easy for new gamers/otaku to play and enjoy.[害羞]

All star dogs


Such a cute game when tons of puppies! Although it's a tap and play game without multiple playing methods, but the puppies are so adorable just to look at them! I really hope that they can make a game with more actions to interact with the puppies! Especially when everyone are playing some intense kakin game like FGO, this game is a contrast of those games and is heartwarming and healing[厲害]

The game is excellent! I really really love it!♡

The characters are attractive and the voices are all famous Japanese CVs. There are many different aspects in the game, such as hot spring, cooking, houseworks...etc. The mini chibis of the characters will show various action in these gameplay and they're adorable(〃'▽'〃)

The battle is easy enough to play so even players don't know Chinese they can still enjoy the game! (and they have auto-play features after you pass story 1-7). The battle is not too time-consuming, around 1-2 mins for one battle so it's a plus for me( • ̀ω•́ )✧

But I have one tiny dislike of the game is that they only give you one gacha instead of then gacha in the tutorial. I don't have powerful cards to go through 1-17 and I don't have enough gems of a 10 gacha so I'm kind of stuck... But I still enjoy the game!(๑•̀ω•́๑)

The game is super adorable! It looks like a high quality game on the nds/3ds because they are 3D characters. The girls are like traditional cute and lovely Japanese big eyes style. But the game is about some old mechanics so the contrast between them are really interesting (/^▽^)/

The game have several account binding methods so it is very convenient to save your game data too!

If I need to pick one bad thing of the game, I would say the star system of cards are not like the other games. In other games, they always have 5☆ as the most rare rank. However, in this game, I believe the most rare card(that you can get from gacha) is 3☆. So I am still getting use to it~

But still it's a lovely game that I would recommend(๑•̀ω•́๑)

Final Blade (EN)


I'm really enjoying this game! The characters are stunning and the skill effects are beautifully done.

They have separate different servers too. But I'm not sure if this helps with the stablization of the gameplay. In my own experience, the game cannot detect my wifi, but just for once. It is very stable overall.

The combat have both speed up and auto features so players can choose their preference on their own. For me, I use the speed up features but not the auto features because sometimes there are little item that you need to click and get on your own and I don't wanna miss them...

As for the music, I think it suit the game too. Like a battle music but have some kind of ancient Japanese rhythm in it. Remind me a little bit of the Onmyoji~(*^ω^*)

Played Smash Tap a while ago and tried Smash Rising just now.

I prefer the chibi version 3D model more than the normal ratio model. The chibi is cute so it ok to have a low frame rate in the game. However, since they use the normal ration model now, it makes the game looks like a douji game with low finance budget. I understand that with hight frame rate may cause larger memory space but I rather have that instead of low space with low quality.

Also, I thibk they should quote the character names next to the card names in the gacha rate page. It is hard for me to know if my favourite character was in the pool. Like the Class 1-A only gacha, I dont even know if Mr Aizawa was included or is it just the students...

I hope they can add the features to speed up battle too because it takes too long for one battle and the reward ia not that worthy...



Don't like that it has to start with your email and then a photo of your face...Can't even change the avatar it just auto detect...

Hope that they can extent the duration of the events! It cost me so much gems to get an UR...
But hey, at least I can get the UR if I spend the gems on events instead of going to the gacha T T

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