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One of the best games I played very rng based although enjoyable. literally a waifu simulator but your waifus are raifus. the game is very easy to play events come by left right and center so always something to do. Highly recommend

By far this is one best games i played the character model's are stunningly made bery easy to play with good tutorial which makes it very new player friendly. since a new update you need a japanese vpn but after you first install i dont believe its needed as its working fine for me without the vpn after installing. Amazing game i recommend to play

Tales of Wind | English


A very enjoyable game character design is fair although in my opinion more of a variety would be preferable although never the less an amazing game very unique, cute as well as funny with the voice acting. Highly recommended

I was hyped for this game for a while now and although it was not what I expected it surely was enjoyable. Great visuals as well as character art both having cute animations when using character abilities. But for my personal experience the gameplay was confusing although after learning how the game works through trial and error I have enjoyed it. An enjoyable game never the less and I would recommend if you enjoy the Anime too



I never considered playing tower defence games like Arknights although after testing the game out of sheer curiosity I have actually enjoyed playing Arknights as well as changing my view on the overall genre. The character design is spot on probably one of the most unique styles as well as the soundtrack. Overall one of the best games I played and I recommend to give this game a try

Toram Online


I have been playing this for a year now and toram never fails to amaze me one of the best MMORPGs out there. as well as being completely f2p if you dont want to dip into your wallet. Great customisation for your own unique look and character build.

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Guardian Girls by the developer 第二游戏制作组
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