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Honkai Impact 3 (SEA)


bewbs. that all.

Dragalia Lost


best game ever. except NintenNo is such a jerk. Does anyone can get this running on emulator somewhere?

GrandChase (Global)


full marks from me! i love the ost. love the characters design and easy to level. what i dont love is how expensive it is to get diamonds. pull cost also expensive. f2p probably need to sttle on S char for most.

Valiant Force (Global)


I love the fact that I've stayed with this game long enough since launch. really hope that more people play this game tho. and I think its time for dev to make a sequel for this one.

I love this game. I really do. but the transition between menu is very slow and is killing me. especially everytime I want to manage characters. the diamond too expensive. [憋屈]

Fire Emblem Heroes


the most important part in rpg game is transition screen between menu should be seamless. this game literally nailed it. easy to manage unit etc2.

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this is the game with 2nd worst drop for me. 1st goes to epic seven. all I get from all my pulls is small dragon and duplicate 3* & 4*
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