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Path to Nowhere


Long time I've been invested in a mobile game for quite some time. This one is looking to be really promising! Can't wait to play more!

VGAME | Japanese


It's a pretty solid hack and slash game. You can tell it has gathered a lot of inspiration from Persona and Honkai Impact 3rd, and that's a good a thing, because it's a nice combination of two great games. The graphics are stunning, it was the most visualy impressive game I've played so far, a general good soundrack, but I can't tell if it is also good game story wise since I don't speak Japanese. Gameplay wise, it's a bit more strategic than HI3rd, and a little bit more slow, but those aren't bad points for me either.

Addictive! [哇噻]

This is exactly the rhythm game I was looking for. Great music, great gameplay, it isn't an idol game, and has very interesting and good looking characters.

My only problem is the gameplay. I've been having trouble finding the best timing so the icons sync with the rhythm, I need to figure it out.

This project is very dear to me since I've been following it for a while, and I still can't believe is here! It was really worth the wait, I'm having so much fun with it. [開心]



Been waiting for this game since last year, now it's finally here! A fun hack and slash for RWBY fans, even though it has a few issues, but they will probably be dealt in future updates.

When they say that this is a console game experience but on your phone, they aren't lying. This game is truly a masterpiece. Great storytelling, memorable characters, catchy soundrack, but specialy, awesome gameplay that will keep you to want to play more!

(I also love the pop culture references, 4th wall breaks and self awareness 😂)

Helix Waltz | English


This is the best dress-up game I've ever played. Besides the gorgeous art and outfits, there's a huge catalog of characters, and that might sound overwelming, but it actually isn't. The writters managed to make everyone unique and have a engaging backstory, and talking about the game's story, it is great for a dress-up game! The soundtrack is also good.

I've tried Love Nikki plenty of times, and even Shinning Nikki, and no doubt that game is at the top of the dress-up genre, but I never got engaged in the story as this one.

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Just started and oop :p Disclaimer: I can't read nor understand japanese, but as a fan of the original game, I wanted to dive in and see the new game. 
It looks like I need to go a certain direction, but no matter where I click, nothing is happening. [汗顏]
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