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Pocket Land


Its very similar to the US version, CocoPPaPlay.

Some key differences:
-A 'free to play' Gacha available 3 times daily
-The ability to decorate full rooms rather than just a background/foreground
-An NPC delivery system where you can level affection and gain NPC-exclusive outfits

-Unlike CocoPPaPlay, you dont get ANY free plays on the premium gachas, and tickets are much harder to get.

The game is far more pay-to-win than CocoPPaPlay on the account that its a lot harder to get proper outfits for the 'mini contests' (CocoPPaPlay's Snap Contests) without paying.

It's very grindy compared to CocoPPaPlay, but also has a lot more to do compared to CocoPPaPlay.


If you wish to play, it is also available on the web browser, where Google can attempt to auto translate!

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