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Waiting, Happy April Fools[白眼]

Fate/Pixel Wars


I love this day😂

Graffiti Smash | English


I really missed my jp account, but now let's start everything again then...

Best card game I have ever played, fun gameplay, every shikigami has their own strategy and some are very unique. Sometimes, I randomly mix any shikigami into a deck which I usually test with AI and casual match, then I can find a strategy that I've never had before. And story mode which is really challenging, a great deck you used in pvp sometimes is useless here, that make this game refreshing. I really love art and music in this game, they make me peaceful. But SSR cards rarely make the match really imbalance, but that's not really a problem, because the price to buy a pack is cheap, you even have a discount everyday and lots of money in the beginning. This game will make you addicted in a positive way and improve your skill and give you experience after every match. That's all for now, good luck!

Star Healer


This game has a big potential to be a great game in the near future. btw, my luck in gacha is still the same[難過]

Guardian Tales | Global


friendly for free to play player[色色]

World Flipper | Japanese


Cygame always make lovely game[色色]

Touhou Danmaku Kagura


This is so good[哇噻]

This game is not really a fgo clone, the gameplay somehow really different from fgo but the gacha rate maybe the same[不滿] Really love the BGM and character's voice. I have no idea what is going on with the story because of the language but I can see some characters from the franchise. It will take you a really long time to collect enough fragment from gacha and character quest to upgrade your character[大哭] The gameplay mechanic is easy to understand but screen translator is still recommended. Now, I will roll for Rachel[微笑] btw this game is just more than 1GB and it has auto function and skip ticket

Kairisei Million Arthur


Good bye[大哭][大哭][大哭]

Is it possible to play with an emulator?

Graffiti Smash | Japanese


Good bye!

Makai Wars | Japanese


Disgaea brings me here[賣萌]



If you like Othello and RPG, this game is for you.[哇噻]

Summons Board | Japanese


[哇噻]Good Game!

Good game:))

Elemental Story


After 2 years playing this game I still love it, best puzzle game I have ever played. The game will have it's update every half of a month, that means at least 4 new 6 stars characters every month. But the chance to get one of them is kinda low, so I will give you an advice, saving up at least 900 crystals before rolling for any of them. If you are a beginner, there will be a lot of ways to get crystal, so use them carefully and save up for the future uses. Battle bosses and raids are really important, they will give you crystals (First time only) and free characters. Some collab characters will have voiceline when using skill, so it's really worth to have them. And the last, remember to login everyday, do daily quest, there will be some great rewards.
Best site for tier-list, events, gift codes and information for this game is Altema.
I like this game and if you do, join my group:

Events and gacha is OK. Characters have their own stories, really incredible. Main stories update and new character almost every months. But I'm not a paid-to-player so I think this game is really COOL!!![哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]

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OMG, Kokoro is so cute!!!
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