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Black Lollipop


Graphics are super cute and well done. There's a variety of items to choose from. The interface is really comfortable to navigate with. I hope they add more items in the future! [開心]



Unfortunately, this game looks like it's half-done, like an alpha or something. In a way, I understand, because working on customizable moving sprites is very tedious, however, because of that, there's not many items, which makes the game boring. I love the idea, but there's just not much to do...(。>﹏



It's a really cute game! there aren't many options to choose from yet so I hope they add new stuff in the futute! I didn't like watching ads to unlock some content, it gets annoying, but on the other hand most of the items are free. I also wish you could save colours in the colour picker!

High school Fashion star


This game could be so much fun if only you didn't have to watch an ad for each hair, eye, clothing, etc. I don't mind watching a few ads but... This is too much.

Options are very limited. There's not much to choose from. This game also lacks from customization, but overall, is enjoyable.

A good game, you can easily farm stones (in-game currency). Lots of login bonus and events. I'm so glad I can finally read the stories....... [憋屈]

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