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idk what I'm doing at this point

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idk what I'm doing at this point
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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


it's idolmaster shiny color
But better
I can't explain it better

it's basicly a "Train your idol" game
where you setup scenario on how to develop the idol into the best in the world.
cygames really outdid themself on animation and
I'm expecting djeeta to be a horse girl soon

for the gameplay tips there's 2 way for reroller
1.meta slave : go get support (the non Playable card)
and get as many 3 star as you want,
But preferably learn the build from the Japanese FOLK
(look for specific set since you're guaranteed to get any of the 3 star girls [SSR] (shop->ticket->pick a horse girl)).

this is very effective, since you can't progress far if you don't have the right scenario to buff your characters stat and you basicly have a powerhouse horse girl

2.THE TRUE BUILD : get horse girls and say screw the game I'm collecting img.gif files

filled with a flock of yasuo mains.
boots can have lifesteal now.
then have a great time by spamming yellow cards from tf and ended up autolock that jhin everymatch in rank
just to realize you ended up with 3 adc team.
so get your arse in here and enjoy the party before
K/DA came in and broke your wallet

disclaimer: this is not a rant but a glorious joke

the game is the best moba experience you can get in mobile and they manage to retain that old LOL feeling
but remember to autolock jhin [懵懂]
and congrats the Bushrat is in the game now

craft egg did it again
they made bandori with 3D [懵懂]
can't really say a lot when it's just that
Still a great game

to reroll change the file name com.sega.pjsekai from android/data.
then clear data from the game apps then rename the file backs to com.sega.pjsekai



the concept is very amazing for a ccg
the fact it used a Chess AI to help you start understanding the game and will develop everytime you rank up
ranked match is also player vs bot (so there's no bad manners involve)
at the moment they're at set 4 forbidden with battle spirits collab

Gameplay is really interesting
the basic stuff is a mix of duel and mtg (both are the same game in the Japanese eye)
where you put mana with cards from hand/field.
instead of just either one

there's a mechanic called forces ( 2 Orb that you will be using)
grant a additional buff to your deck to further boost your deck power and how it works
it can be destroy thou so if you're deck is based on that one force you might want to defend it
then going first and second have its own advantage

first you can go aggressive which is normally a mono Red aggro style deck wincon
but going second you get a movement (action to put mana or take out a unit) so you play your stuff faster than your opp

overall in the end of the day you will learn how AI could beat you at playing your own deck
10/10 would get beaten again
Link for netdeckers

They block most of the popular vpn....
but if you manage to get in
go disable developer mode for your phone so the game let you in
You can find it in system when you scroll on your phone settings

Game is just a turn based rpg princess connect reskin with fanservices gimmicks
which have fresh taste
Machico is singing so sound is aight

For reroll you can go to file rename it (maybe chunchunmaru, but for real just erase the 7 ) then you clear the cache (data from the apps not in game) which only contain 200KB and then rename the file back to

Location for the file
Files-internal storage-android-data-sumzapp00007
.If you are experiencing white screen might be the cause of you didn't change the data (biggest file) name [懵懂] and most likely deleted the whole 500mb+

P.S megumin worse unit for mission
She only make people who can't read die with rage
cause if 2 characters got knovkout you lose a star

the game is a fresh taste of rhytmn

it's basicly a new take from bushiroad on bandori
where they introduce more game mechanic to make the game more intense/fun.
it introduce 2 turntable on the side lane and 1 mixer in the middle (purple slide)
whenever you hit the turntable it will make disc sound as if you're hitting it
and whenever you hit the purple slider it will change the tone of the song.
so yeah....
you're technically playing a remix [懵懂]

other than that
the song is preety good
Animation is a eye candy
the cast definitely gonna hook bandori and starlia player
then they offer a stay at home live for free every now and then
if you open their website from ingame/YT/Twitter or actually googling it

the only thing I dislike is the addition of the spawn of devil cousin (flicky boy goes left and right)
But that's just the internal pain that everyone had
when you forgot it exist

offical release 25 Oct (according to 100 day before release livestream)
what to expect from the offical release?
4 star card are animated
you can customize your live room
original and cover song that consist from anime song to game ost
ex: (unravel from tk ling tosite shigure and Street fighter soundtrack)

Arknights | English


[If your unit almost died you can retreat it for recycled points]
for those who weren't prepared for the game
the trick for rerolling is
Play the game until map 01 ---->surrender to avoid wasting time then proceed to claim gift and gacha
if you don't like the guaranteed 6 star just overwrite
By clear arknights Data then proceed to Google settings--->ads--->reset advertising ID
THE good 6 star are (silver ash ,siege and Exusiai).
After getting the above don't claim you pre reg 5 star ticket yet.
do a 10x roll first for something that you want so your early team spread out better.
Because the game punish you for stacking level on one unit and having too much of the same attribute so better make your team diverse so you don't get hardlock at the start
Then for the pre register 5 star
It offer you 4 operator which is
Red project (spamable redeployment=good bait fodder)
Silence (fast healer and can accelerate other healer )
Liskarm (tank+stun)
Pramanix (high Dmg magic in general)
Pick one that you lack after doing the 10x pull because everyone on the list is good T1
Anyway Goodluck on the search and happy hunting
P.S game better than girl front line [怪笑]

Vanguard Zero | Japanese


The game is designed to be a really fast version of vanguard where you can't guard with your hand expect by perfect guard
example of perfect guard being proc
when opp crit when you have 3+dmg a pg will be used to negate that dmg and when you have 5 dmg (try to not get pushed if you can)
So the gameplay will be spamming grade 1,2,3 sideway on loop... [懵懂]
Grade 2 is basicly taunt from Hearstone instead of intercept where you add shield value to your vg
you must attack the grade 2 before attacking the vanguard making it a pseudo perfect guard kinda
Grade 3 works as trigger
And How to activated the trigger is to send it to the drop zone

Nyanko Dorobo


Really fun game
For those who want a dungeon type game.
The game really spark the mind games element that can work or don't work in your favor
Tip if you jump up or trigger a can/bucket
wait for the dog police to show up and then jump up/down.
It should free the current dog police spot which is crucial to counter the can strat early on (can-buddha cat-police
And save keys for gold chest or platinum and don't be scared to use cat food to open them since no chest is safe due to thief keep stealing from thief

Mario Kart Tour


Friendship ender since 1992
The game itself is fine
Controls are fun and the fact you need to keep tapping sometime just to get a straight position reminds me of my bad rhytmn habit
Or enable the gyro handling and disable everything else [怪笑]
But how the system for Characters works is not good
You need a specific set/mostly characters for each circuit to get 3 item slot (which you need to unlock three pair) and some set gave you score bonus but those won't matter most case.
For the disruption its almost. The same (bowser shell, green and red koopa shell, mushroom boost,bannana peel, squid and etc) just need to find the legendary random. Blue shell
Then the game itself. Offer car and character unlock via coins, real money and gachas
Which again determine some stages item cap
My word on it is either just be a casual and have a wacky fun or waste money on another Dr Mario..
Also go pay 8$ for the monthly subscription if you do
It's better than most the store offer

Love live finally got their own version of 3d
Ngl it looks good, but I'm scared when I saw umi face somehow [汗顏]
The gacha rate is 5% which is 40% chance
For you to get UR from your 10x
The gameplay reminds me of osu taiko but instead of one there's two of them
Which is refreshing after seeing so many rhythm game using the same old board
There's also skills panel between the two taiko lines
That you need to keep watch on
Everytime it fully charge you get points for it

For combos you need to hit above nice to keep the combo (which is almost hitting the whole middle circle minimal , A little off and your combos gone)
Also don't release the lines when you hold them because when it reach the middle it will apply itself

Now happy hunting and try to stay away from the salt

This is SD Gundam online but you need a tablet to play without problem
Fair warning ocd will happen unless you love msg or wing or a normal zaku
The game is a 3d hack and slash with the limitations on range hit and dash (it consume stamina and ammo)
Graphics are really good expect no less from the demon bamco to lure people into gacha hell
Sound are boomers music so... BOOMER
Storyline... Preety wack the typical harem
Value is preety good and might stay for a while
Gacha rate for 4star are 5%
which is 40% hit in 10 pull standard

Pokémon Masters EX


The game is... Preety good but broke the pokemon law
You spent Action point to cast pokemon moves without any turn based (basicly you can spam the same pokemon attack everytime from the same pokemon without any switch)
There's also the Z move system
After 9 move you will gain access to Z move
Best way is to get a Z move use 6 item and attack 3 time [懵懂]
Trainer battle will Be bullshit item spam (nice job pokemon)
[added comment]
Reroll for dusclops so you can play the 2 support meta
Best Attacker rn is houndoom or lyncanroc (this one is worse than houndoom but still tier 1)

Graphics is good since its the same as S/M
sounds are enjoyable because some trainer don't have voice back then
Gameplay is the above.
Preety bad and Storyline is the same as duel link at this point
Value is meh. Pokemon go but probably good in America
Also they make character gacha that contain pokemon instead of pokemon Only gacha

Interesting concept yet preety stale in progression
The game don't force you to have ssr
but force you to top up for mikasa SSR [懵懂]

Cause the game use synergy system (extra skill with certain units) and the most used one will be Jean(3rd day login gift), Eren, armin and MIKASA

And for non paying people best build for starter would be Connie, hannes, Eren, armin, jean so don't focus too much on mina (the girl)

For 5 rating
Graphics is straight worse than assault (but they didn't stole the graphics like a certain game)
Sound is very good since not dub and use ost instead of random weird music
Gameplay is fast pace 5 tap which is better than certain one tap
Storyline its meh
Value is... Tbh bad I don't think this game can hold long but it's still better than assault

Dota Underlords


Autochess but valve
It's the version where item drop isn't RNG
But the choice is RNG
You can make many builds with the new perks system
Where you can obtain additional unit bonus or item from creepround
Graphics and gameplay is really good for mobile
But the characters sounds is still not here yet
Storyline is the same as drodos
And I need help with value
What's 1+2?
But nonetheless it's the best version of autochess
P. S the dev is lazy to make it a different client
And we are technically playing the same game as the pc version... (that's why you mtf are lagging)

Well they manage to make a working one punch man game... You can play as saitama in story mode and 3 star rush... (or just call him in your battle)

Data download is 17 mb but I think they download overtime
And to make an account
click 果盘号注册 then enter your username (no need to be Gmail) and password

Graphics and sound really fits one punch man
Gameplay is stale
how they did Storyline is preety good
Value... Its one of those bait game

Dragon & Colonies


Game is fine
Feels like another clash royale though
The only difference is the boss mechanic (dragon)
They used rock papper scissor system for hero but all 3 lose to monster
And boss type is overpower
Recommend start with boss type
While hero as backup
For people asking the gacha
UR chance is 1% (0.3 and 0.7) but 1 pull gave you 3 roll so ehh
They gave 1 unlimited reroll so try to get 2 ssr at the start
Best one is the succubus that looks like morrigan aensland
And as right now the game gave 3 10 pull and 10 one pull ticket

Crusaders Quest


Fun little pixel game
You play with 3 heroes using skills that became effective when 3 of the same type is next to each other to make more skill
The dedication to the contracts and events charactersis something
(they give special cosmetics that make you feel like the anime itself is in the game)
But I don't think it's enough to make it main game worthy
This is basicly a game you play to take a break from your main game
Well now for the 5 rating
Graphics is very good for pixel
Sound is okay
Gameplay is preety good
Storyline.. Meh
Value is.. Basicly 3 since again break from your main game

Just a normal survival indie/pixel game
Good time waster but the default language is chinese
Go download on play store if you lazy to change it

Auto Chess | English


Best and first version of auto chess
Game is better than the real dota but take almost as long (20~40 minute)
Graphics is good for a mobile game
Sound... I prefer the dota version
Gameplay is a solid 5
Value is good since this game became a E-sport
Don't get marriage to your first pick
Always go versatile early (unless 3 goblin but still don't get married to it)

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perfecr kars showcase
not a bad banner 
really fun characters
Kars V3
Copy the bottom row multiple times to the area above it
EX Sticker: After clearing 60 Kars Panels, replaces a random Panel, except for Kars Panels, with an Enhanced Kars Box Panel (max use five times per battle)
copying multiple time is a broken skill and the
 +++ is basicly 20 enhanced panel at worst 
 which usually is a hard 3 per battle skill
Lisa Lisa V2
Trace Panels within square-shaped Panels
After a certain period of time, the traced Panels will be enhanced
The maximum number of enhancing depends on Skill Level
EX Sticker: After clearing 18 Enhanced Panels, erases 3 random Panels, having priority on Block Panels
(Solid 24taro partner for blocks sa) 
Bucciarati V3
Erase the cross-shaped area
Restores the erased Panels as Intensified Panels (14 target) 
EX Sticker: After clearing 30 Intensified Panels, enhance 4 random Panels
(yeah its just voice josuke on intensifies you need 3 loop to proc him also) 
Risotto V2
EX Sticker: After using a Skill once, recharges 20% of his Skill Gauge (max use five times per battle)
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