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Vito Pratama Putra S. 22994594

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Overall, this is quite great.

Hard to play at 1st time. But getting used to it on 3rd time and more.....

The problem is the server issues. Sometimes the game just quit after play because of it.

Gacha? I'm not a big fan of it. But eventually for beginners it looks friendly I guess. But I don't know for the future. So I'm not expect much.

Overall, it's not a bad game for those who likes the franchise.

Project Tokyo Dolls (JP)


When they gonna release this game on global (especially Indonesia)? I really enjoyed this game very much.

Only gacha is the problem because it's only for Japan. 😔

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Urgh. I hate to say I'm gonna spend another 100 gems in every new 10 activity. Really? 😫😫😫
EDIT: Wait, is this number is the overall item I have or the activity one? Read Note
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