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visit my page(^_-)-☆

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days!


basically have danmachi references in gameplay, pretty boring sometimes if game only depends on story and characters. overall is okay.

Kamen Rider: City Wars


well, its need reiwa version asap. they still stuck on kamen rider build stand point. i prefer the older gameplay instead.

cygames still one of the best rpg story maker. characters are pretty neat, and also very detailed. recommended for anime fan as well. soon, the real anime going to be aired just by different studio that making animation from the game.

King's Raid


graphic wise, some lower phone model still could support. gameplay are basically grinding. story pretty decent. it is rpg game.

Monster Hunter Riders


it just released, you piece of shit whiner. ofc it gonna have a lot of maintenances. stfu and just play anyday now.

Epic Seven


stop whining and play the game. don't like it? leave it. stop trying to influence others people who haven't try the game yet. you guys aren't really grateful.

can you guys stop comparing gacha games? it basically same shit but different contents. it sure just for casual play for adult and hardcore for your lifeless and teenagers.



the only game you can see adult Alisa, God Eater 3 didn't make any of her appearances in game.

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everything about Alisa. 
God Eater
Sen no Kiseki
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