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Bleach: Immortal Soul


The game is already out, it's a gacha game like kof98 UM OL, still a good game with many f2p free stuff. Try it if you like shard gacha it worth !

Super gacha, best graphism, strategic gameplay and many free stuff. so don't hesitate even if you don't know the anime it really worth to play

Destiny Child | Global


love the art, very f2p game and very generous love it ![色色]

very good games but i have a lot of crash with emulator sadly

Dead or Alive Mobile


I love gatacha games, this one is like kof98 um ol. i know gatcha games are mostly pay to win, but this one is very greedy. also there is many bugs, like in mini games hope they will fix it.



Very good alternative of kof98 UM OL with different fighting system with combo, love it

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very good f2p game, very generous and very good art love it Read Note
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