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Opera Omnia is fun as long as you can bear the fact you can't win using your favourite characters.
It utilizes a gacha system, meaning only the characters you can pull gear for will be useful to you. Ultimately, some people may see this as a turn-off, and I saw it that way at first.
But, upon further inspection, and giving the JP servers a try, starting another file once I already had a grasp of what was going on felt so much better.
I don't recommend keeping your first file/data, as beginners to this game are prone to simple mistakes that cost you later on down the line.
If you get the chance, get your bearings on what you're doing, and then delete the game and restart your download. This sounds like a bit of a chore given the amount it downloads, but it's well worth it if you want a file free of blemishes such as spending crystals on characters you don't have gear for.
Anyway, if you don't mind a gacha system and like FF? Try this out.

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