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Arena of Valor | IDN


Seriously, this is a very good game. The soundtrack makes me amazed, the skins are awesome, and the heroes are so cool. But, why is this game community are so toxic? It's the only thing that makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable with this game. Overall? Godly Good Game
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This game in a nutshell: Cute girls sings cute songs and badass girls sings Badass songs

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About *4 selection ticket I'm new to this game. Can anyone recommend me what to pick in *4 beginner selection ticket? I have all elements *4, but I only have slash, magic, and thrust damage in all of them. Should I pick a blunt character, dupe character (for limit breaking and chips that I don't recall what it called), or any character that I don't have? Eydis's Incarnate seems cool though.  Read Note
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