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SINoALICE | Global


Mainly started playing it for the Nier collab but I eventually hooked up with it 🐣

Fishing Life


Fun and beutiful.

Tomb of the Mask


Wanna pass the time? Then u ain't gonna regret this one.

Graphics are fire. Music is beutiful. Gameplay is easy.
SO damn good

Not addicting though thats why i stopped playing it 🐣

The game's perfect for ya if you are a Saint Seiya fan, it has all the characters even their golden form and it has an auto player so you don't have to farm like hell *ahem FateGo*.
The thing that i don't like about this game though is that they didn't add the original story of the anime.

But the new story isn't bad tbh. 🤷‍♂️



To be fully honest the graphics and the sounds are just amazing though, the controls are hard to master and it might take time to be able to do what they're doing in the commercial video.

But ay i ain't saying the game is bad, its so damn good and satisfying and its good to pass the time. give it a try will ya?



Nice break after gacha games.

My Hero Academia


Watchout it can access your location, camera, phone, sms, storage, contacts and microphone.

I am Giraffe


IDK y but i downloaded this, and let me tell you... I ascended.
u WILL download the game.
u WILL play the game.
u WILL finish the game.
And u WILL regret downloading it
So just do it.

Amazing graphics, beutiful soundtracks and good gameplay.
if only the game had an NA version people will get all over it.

Many unique and badass characters, good soundtracks, gameplay is easy BUT the gacha is so damn IRRITATING!!!

Google Translate


Best girl.

All our favourite nanatsu no taizai characters included.
Soudtracks are catchy.
Gameplay's easy.

Can translate anything everywhere even in-game!!

Yes it needs a really big storage but, it deserves it so give it a try.

Epic Seven | Global


Now thats a worthy game to spend your time on!!!!

Game size:-
▪Intial data: 164MB
▪Game assets: 3.2GB
▪Game file: 450MB
-Total [3.814GB]
You'r welcome. #KillMe

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