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Time for a review for the remastered version aka "HD"...for the past 3-4 days of playing this i cant rmb much on what is the different then the old one as i quit it or rather i stop playing mainly because i bound the wrong gmail thus i deleted it.So far so good almost got all the the spirits in the game.

Ill give a rating once the "dating" feature available...yeah currently the dev changing up on how to make it better or something...well i dont see how it need a revamp it looks good but if its new then i dont mind...

Thats pretty much it
ill update again eventually

ok finally i can try out this game...or rather i have alrdy tried it the game is similar to "guitar girl" that is if you played that game b4 like i am.

looks nice i always like seeing 60fs (that depend on what hp you using ofcourse im still using samsung 8 :) anyways ill give it 8/10 (i know i just played it like 5-10mins only...and besides no want have yet review bout this game i might aswell do it right)

I like...or rather love the bgm so catchy (that depends on your taste on the music hey i wont alright jeez) ill give a 7.5/10...not much to say for this but it is what it is.

Same point as i said ontop if you have ever played that game b4 this "takagi san" game (name too long...aint guno type it in :p )...Ill give 8/10


Value?Like as in how worth the game is or?Well whatever the cause is if you are fan of "skilled teased takagi-san" go ahead and try out this game should be worth of your time you liked it
ill give 10/10 mainly because it helps you to kill time if you are bored or something

Overall i think i would say i love this game but i wont be spending too much time on this game maybe...also rmb how i said this game is similar to "guitar girl" (yes you said 3 times alrdy jeez) i suggest you download auto clicker if you too lazy (wait why thought?) "why?" because this game involve clicking the screen like no nvr played other games like cookie clicker?? (cant rmb)...gone case

Anyways jokes aside hope yall enjoyed the game while waiting for the movie to come out eventually (which i know i can just read the manga...well defeat the purpose of finding out what will happen...alright chill everone have their own preference on whether to read the manga or nah)...alright ill stop there anyways have a good day/night/even which ever timezone you at right now

p.s the storyline ill update if i feel like it

p.s.s takagi-san best girl??

p.s.s.s is this how you use the "p.s's" ok ill go now bye


you still here?!?



Yikes...not much of a review for this game huh?Welp time to review this...overall i like this farming game that supercell made but one thing thats missing "trading" with your valey mates...sure you can sent gifts but that have a cooldown or something i want to be able to trade items not only able gift material to my valey mates.Thats all i can say for this game(i mean its a farming game and building your valley up to max lvl which is 15)

Revived Witch | English


Woow another game made from yostar?!?[無語][無語]....Anyways i love this but theres a pros n a cons for this


you can auto n double the speed and let your character (or rather dolls is what it is) to attack the enemy.
you get 100× summon until like that summon(e.g u get 1ur n 3 ssr) once u select it u cant summon anymore

The animation consist of 2d,3d and gives me the vibe similar to guardian tales [怪笑][怪笑]

The soundtrack is not really my liking but i like when im battling an enemy during story mode/dungeon

You can customize your room for your dolls to settle in(basically like all other mobile games yall have played...well i dont think is all but you know what i mean so shush[發困][發困]


The auto sweep the dungeon is not my espectation...was hoping that we can auto sweep like guardian(that does not mean u have to follow just take that idea use it as refrence change abit of the auto sweep) I dont mind auto sweep feature i just dont want to see the battle(if you get what im sayin)

You cant really walk around in main menu or even in the guild...was hoping i can explore and see what i can do in the main menu

Ill give a 8.5/10 animation,graphics (the graphics ive nothing else to say other then its great on my s8 [不滿][不滿] so yeah),gameplay...this three caught my attention other than that the auto sweep thing hopefully will change to better or something
(man this is a longest review ive ever made...i think...ok bye)

Guardian Tales | Japanese


This game i recommend elly and others who yet to play this game "funtasy".It has a bunch on refrence e.g jojo,final fantasy etc etc...cant spoil yall for what kind of refence is in baka 🙃🤪 anyways hope this is the game caught ur interest.Ive played the global version since last year so yeah go and download you wont regret talking yall thats include u to elly 😄😄...aight time for me to continue my game gdnite/morning whichever timezone you are in.[開心]

Guardian Tales | Global


Imma review this or rather rate this 5☆....similar reason to the jp server...this is just a add-on for what i have to say about this game.Firstly,Ive only able to find this kind of game mainly from my friends they introduce me back then on 28 july 2020...thank god theres a game that i got hook into for 1 year and quater (fyi 27 july is their anniversary) hope to see what they have in mind for 2 year anniversary ill be waiting for it till then imma review other games aswell [哇噻][哇噻]

Guardian Tales | Korean


Not gunno say much for this cause this game is one update ahead then the global server...all i can say is im glad theres kr server aswell even thought its like spoiling a surprise for me but in my opinion that does not concern me at all...i will continue to play even thought i know the update (・ω・)(・ω・)

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looking foward for himeko...totally not because she have the same name in honkai impact #崩壞星鐵豪禮車票  Read Note
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