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A bunny struggling to live its life... Nom.
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A bunny struggling to live its life... Nom.
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Destiny Child | Global



GRAPHIC: 8.5/10

The graphic may look too erotic to you—which is plausible for us dirty-mind players. Ehe. HOWEVER, I am a bit worried as Google Play Indonesia (where I reside at) doesn't label this game appropriately (I would consider labeling as R-15 instead as there are PLENTY of semi-nudity and a bit provoking L2D movements ehe. VIEWER DISCRETION HIGHLY ADVISED).

The skill releasing art is surprisingly creative and provoking as well as the art itself, which made I like this game, art-wise. The battle stages are well made. There are few male characters and some I saw good, some plain. BUT, art-wise, color-wise, they're almost in tune harmonically with the game atmosphere.

The style is, I think, some kind of pop art or similar thing, as I saw some similarities with aforementioned style; i.e. color boldness, the way the art were made. Some of pop art weeaboo may grow up liking it—if you can withstand those semi-nudity arts. Murufufufu.



I've seen some gameplays, and this is considerably easy.
Let's breakdown the playthrough, below:
1. The method here is always either 3 to 5 enemies vs 5 (fixed) Child(s) (the game referred the characters featured here as Child. Man, that's... so not creative. LOL). The enemies' number may vary depends on the stage.

2. After the normal attack, they firstly will release their individual skill after their (Childs) own circle bar has fulfilled (you have to SLIDE them upwards to release their skill). This skill will donate its bar to TOTAL charge bar (will be explained next).

3. After the charge bar (the circular, much thinner line above HP bar) has been fulfilled, it will automatically enable one of these Childs' second skill (yep, you read it right. Every Child here DOES have a second skill, which will be released during this stage). This second skill is considerably strong as they came from its total charge bar.

You have to click the desired skill BELOW the Child's image during battle.

This may sound difficult to interpret, however I assure you if you follow the tutorial correctly, they will benefit you from learning new type of gameplays.


I predict some may grow up bored as this game does have an auto-click (heck, they even have 3x speed and Full-Auto mode. Da#n yeah!)


Storyline : 5/10 (PRELIMINARY)

This game mainly focused on Protagonist with some of Child (those possessing some unnatural power). The Protagonist is a Devil-type but looked weak character, starting his journey to collect Child and take over the throne and rule as an Archnild (CMIIW). Yep, we definitely saw this kind of plot somewhere.

HOWEVER, some may not like this plot or even Protagonist's art (yep, me included). Some may not like supporting characters, but it's up to us, right?

Hopefully I can correct the final score as I read more story. ((*prep some buckets*))


Value : 5/10

If you log in 3 days ago (or now), it may look sweet considering you'll have around 10k+ free crystals just from scratch to around Lv 20. And you can Evolve and Awaken one of the few first *5 Child to full potential (S class and becoming a *6 Child).

HOWEVER, the price is a bit high considering most of useful package came as cheap as around US$30 to even $70, leaving the available and most cheap unit around US$1 (CMIIW)

The unit divided as three items:
1. Crystal
2. Gold
3. Red Crystal (CMIIW)

Red Crystals are only available if you pay package ranging from 30-70 US$, therefore dubbed as the most difficult item to gain. Per day you can only stock up to 2 if lucky.

I hope I can stay F2P to survive in this game.

Hope this review helps you!

Arknights | English


Lemme review the game.

As we've already known, Arknights is a tower-defense game; we are to design our own strategies to defend our base from the enemies. There are various of classes available, with some may be of important usage at endgame i.e. sniper/guard/supporter/specialists.

Design-wise, it's futuristic and apocalyptic. Similar atmosphere with Girl Frontlines, therefore for some GFL players may be familiar with those features.

Characters (Arknights refer characters to Operator) here commonly had a feature; an animal-like part on them, be it a horn, an animal ear, or even an anthromorphic human. However, it is INDEED a bit discriminated as I saw only a minor percentage characters with 50% or more animal part. 12F should be excluded, yes, he is an actual form of anthromorphic human. Other notoriously but less anthromorphic are Silverash (shown only when you Promote him to E2)—with around 30-40% animal body with him.

Additionally, there are few differences between the two games, i.e.:

1. Main interface that can be moved according to our handling to smartphones (which is kinda cool, but needs more lmao);

2. A second button to show the main keys unlocked without having us back to main interface (which may be somehow new to us)

Gameplay-wise, you HAVE to invent your own strategy against a vast of enemy's formations, which is addicting for those loving to invent more ways to utilize our Operators (a way to refer the characters available here).
>>>If you are not a fan of this kind of gameplay OR a casual/slacking player, you may as well try to check Youtube or wiki for references.

(PRELIMINARY COMMENT) Storyline-wise, I personally am fed up with complicated and apocalyptic theme since I am really not a fan (unless it's something really kinda understanding and realistic, haha). But based on the stories here, it's decent. Haven't read the last halfway of Chapter 1, however, it may grow a bit complicated at later chapters.

Value-wise, there are few offers kinda cool for you; the small pro pack that costs starting from 1 Originium (yes, it starts to be expensive every time you buys them), and a Lv 5, 10, 15 packs. Others are on par with majority of the game with the cheapest starting from 1 Originium for $1. Considering the vast usage of the Originium, $1 for 1 only is something... a bit at disadvantage.
>>>HOWEVER, if you are smart enough to start saving your free Originiums for progressing the game, you may end up advancing better than most of players as you prioritize the advancement of your Operators than gacha-thing, as Operators are almost balanced among themselves.

Sound-wise, however, I am not excelled here due to my deafness. I apologize for any inconveniences.

Verdict : Recommended for dedicated moderate-level game strategists, and can be enjoyed at any moments (casual/slacking or major grinding).



To everyone playing Alter Ego, I strongly recommend this game as they may dig your inner thought and weakness through talking to Es, our dearest 'fictional' girl that resides inside our "Library of Psychological" (pffft, I made the latter's name—which is Library of Psychological—myself lmao)

You will meet Es's true inner self, or Façade's true inner, or even your wish.

The design itself has NO FLAWS as they suited enough for the deep, calming pace. One may be a flaw is that this is a click game...

Helix Waltz | English


Well, this game is rich out-in. You can customise your characters, is well enough to force your sense of fashion to mix the style on Illusion Contest.

The prize, is surprisingly, nice. Simple, and not prized based on rank but the vote you got plus your vote on others' style.

And very well keep the favoritism in a secrecy. As well as battling with players, out of nowhere and is not part of Illusion Contest so that you can get Spark or whatever to enchant. This is what PvP for you.


As for the clothes, is legit generous. You can have 600 hearts in less than 1 week you know? I get this heart in just 3-4 days and get *3-*4, even sweet ol' *6 clothes.

Moreover, there's 35 non playable characters available, therefore you have 35 Imperial Egg (each had 10 random clothes, but will be all new mostly). Tada, you may as well have 350 new clothes per *4 Favor from NPCs. And is legit easy as you memorise their fav topic and choices.


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