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Fire Emblem Heroes


if you are a fan of fire emblem, you cant go wrong with this game!
been playing for over a year, while yes sometimee it can get boring, the events are on rotation, the strategy involved in this game makes the game great. seeing your favourite charavters grow and grt stronger, mix and match abilities of your favourite characters together to create a strong unit and team is very satisfying. game is very f2p friendly and can be played completely solo if that is what you like. give it a go if you love strategy rpg games and fire emblem!

Mitrasphere | English


played JP verdion, was a really fun game despite no understanding half the game. game has really good charcater customization. similar to unison league but more depth, can even change voices from a large variety, this however is experience from the JP version. hope global version will be just
as good

Unison League | Global


played this game for years, it has really good customization!! gearing and levelling is very steady. Game gives out gems here and there so dont need to pay [哇噻]
Lots of classes and skills to choose from, mix and match to your playstyle! :D



Game is quite fun, plays bery very similar to Unison League. has a very deep customization and even allows voice customization with over 20 voices to choose from! Very generous in Gems aswell!



xigncode error e0190304, phone not even rooted

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