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I play Rhythm games and currently experiencing RPG games.
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I play Rhythm games and currently experiencing RPG games.
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Assault Lily Last Bullet


AsaRiri is generous. Gacha chances are nice and I can't argue with that.

22/7 Music Time


For the past months, I've ignoring this game because I was so dissatisfied with the flicks that forced me to kinda just leave the game be for a while. Then, after the Anniversary update, I am overwhelmed how the flicks improves, as well as the notes. I can All Perfect the Experts with ease. My only concern as of now is will they make the game smoother? The loading always bugs me as if the game is lagging and it is not pleasing to my eyes. The 3DLive and MV are just ok. Well that's all I want to say and I hope the game still improves in the future so that I would edit my thoughts about 22/7.

Every band had their own ways to make their fans roared with excitement. Every characters had their own personal qualities. The songs and covers are catchy and exciting. Plus, the plot has its nice pace for each band.

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