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She/her heyy I like all sorts of gacha games
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She/her heyy I like all sorts of gacha games
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Best touhou mobile fangame by far. its great, similar to the og touhou games experience in terms of design, the song remixes are great too. It feels a lot easier than the other fangames and og 2hu, but on hard & lunatic its all good

Genshin Impact


Ah yes. Genshin. I figured It's about time I wrote a review as I've been playing the game ever since launch afterall. this is gonna be long and very in depth you have been warned. actually this is more just me rambling about genshin than an actual review LOL

also I want to note that I'm mostly a PC player and my review is based off my experience with that version because otherwise I doubt it would be a very fair review.

That's because the Genshin experience on my phone is... suboptimal, to say the least. I will use the mobile version if I HAVE to, usually when I'm out and about, but it's definitely not the most pleasant experience that's for sure 🗿 phone has average ~ low end specs and as a result the game runs poorly on my phone, it's laggy even with low resolution set at 0.7, which also makes the game look awful might I add. Also it eats through my battery like Paimon eats her sticky honey roast! [insert another genshin character food pun] and let's not talk about how it transforms my phone into a portable stove after minutes of the game being open!

basically, if your phone isnt very high end, don't expect an amazing experience. But that is to be expected, there are severe hardware limitations when it comes to a completely open world game like this on mobile. That isn't really the fault of the creators but more due to me using a mediocre phone.
It was a bit surprising for me at first when I experienced the performance on my phone, as someone who's played Honkai imapact 3 for many years before, snd that game running very well considering. But it makes sense, HI3 isn't an open world game but rather each stage is loaded individually, resulting in it being much less taxing on the phone.

anyways enough about that time to talk about the actual game! there isn't much I can say that hasn't been mentioned by others already so I'll just say this; it's fun. It's a fun game!

the gameplay itself is simple on the surface but when you get into it it can be quite complex, especially when it comes to building characters.

It's a well known fact that this game is very successful in terms of sales, which might lead to some people to think that the game is p2w (pay to win) That's understandable with a mobile game of this genre. But I can say positively that the game is, by design, not p2w AT ALL.. Why? that is simply due to the artifact system! this allows ANY character can be 'broken'. Yes, this includes characters of lower rarity, which completely eliminates the need to spend to get a 'strong' character. All you have to do is build them well wirh good artifacts. Some characters, especially 5 stars, are inherently stronger than other characters, there's no denying that obviously, but the 'stronger' characters are not a necessity! the only difference is that they require less resource investment to perform better but really, ANY character that has been invested into WILL BE GOOD. Back when Genshin had just come out, when it was in its infancy, people weren't very knowledgeable about the game and many people pushed the idea that certain characters were 'weak' 'unusable' etc. (I assume you're probably aware of which characters im refering to, heh, poor Amber and bennet) but this was proven wrong on multiple occasions. As such, all of the content can be cleared as a f2p, using 'weaker' characters. it may take longer, you might not do as much damage etc. but it's still f2p. .The only exeption to this is the Spiral Abyss. This is because the diffuculty on this gamemode is very high, that is on purpose as it is supposed to a challenge. Well its actually not exception technically, because it can be cleared as a f2p with a good result, absolutely! just that its quite difficult, not something a casual player can achieve so simply. But isn't that the joy of it? If you look on YouTube you will see many examples of other f2p players clearing this hard game mode with their low rarity characters. It is possible! One of the best ways to invest in a character and subsequently, increase their strength is though artifacts. Now artifacts are somewhat dependent on RNG and yes, paying players have more chances with the RNG (resin refills) but at the end of the day, it's still accessible to FTP (free to play) and IMO the advantage paying players get from this isn't too apparent, unless we're talking about resin refills EVERYDAY then yes, they will have an advantage. But the great thing is... it doesn't even matter! Genshin isn't an mmorpg! it's mostly singleplayer! so even though paying players have a better chance of stronger characters, it doesn't implicate f2p players at all! what I'm trying to say is, it is a game that accomodates to both f2p players and paying players. Both categories, whatever player type you are whether you're a f2p, a dolphin (spend some, but not much) or even a whale , you can still have a fun experience from the game.

i suppose this leads on well to the gacha aspect... yes.. everyone's favourite amiright?? 🙂.. hahaha...
I feel like a lot of people complain about genshin's gacha system, but i suspect that those people who are complaining have never played other gacha gamers before, perhaps this is their first. It is understandable feeling annoyed at the gacha system but when you think about it, Genshin's gacha system isn't half bad compared to some other games out there. Yeah, it might have a 0.06 % 5 star rate which is... sad.. but that's not taking into account the pity system. A lot of gacha games don't even have pity, so I think Genshin's quite fortunate in that aspect. The fact is, after playing for a certain amount of time you will evetually reach the stage where you will get a 5 star for free, this won't even take that long if you play everyday. I've never really felt unsatisfied as a result, I have a few 5 stars I got through pity just from simply playing the game and im happy with them.

phew. now lets focus more on the art side as opposed to gameplay. I don't even need to mention the amazing sountrack. It's lovely, peaceful, and assimilates perfectly with the gorgeous environment and scenery of the world of Teyvat. The 3D character models are high quality, not much to say there really , the animations are good, not outstanding but just good. The graphics have a simple colourful style, which is quite different from the realistic approach of other games. It's stylish. And I'm not even going to mention a certain other open world game that begins with B and ends with W, if you know what I mean (#--)/ . I feel like that topic has already been discussed enough..

One of the main appeals of the game is the prospect of exploration and it certainly isn't lacking in that aspect. The world of Teyvat is big and there is lots to explore, with things like puzzles to solve and areas to unlock etc. it will take you quite some time to see it all! the area you start in, monstadt has certain aspects of its design inspired from germany i think?? it reminds me of a nice medieval fantasy setting. Then we have the wonderful Liyue which of course is based around China in its architecture and scenery. This also applies to the attire of characters from those reigons. I'm personally a big fan of Liyue , its so beautiful whether thats Liyue harbor or the moutainous area. And there are more entirely new reigons to be added such as inazuma which i think will have a japanese inspired theme to it. There was also the dragonspine area which was added in the update of 1.1? 1.2? cant remember. But yeah, dragonspine is beautiful snowy mountain! a very different environment to the other two regions. It is fun to explore the mountain, unlock all the puzzles etc. but what I really loved was the sountrack for dragonspine area in particular, its my favourite of the soundtrack. Its soo soothing and mysterious, perfectly setting the atmosphere of this snowy wonderland.

and then there's the issue of content.. you've might have heard complaints about lack of content in the game. This issue really depends on you playstyle. If you are someone who likes to rush!, someone who likes to quickly finish everthing! someone who is there and ready to go as soon as there is something new! ... then you'll probably run into the issue of ..well.. having nothing to do. That's to be expected though isn't it? In such a situation, I suggest that you simplu play something else! lol. On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to take their time, take it slow, play at their own pace etc. or maybe you're just busy (like me T_T) either way, you're someone who will go through the game less rushed, you most likely won't run into the issue of running out of stuff to do, as there will always be something to do! i personally think that the game was meant to be played in this more casual way, to slowly and leisurely experience it. just my two cents :p

Now for the story, I'm gonna give it a solid 'decent'. It's not the best, most unique narrative ever, but it's certainly better than a basic and boring fantasy plot thankfully. The actual lore though is very deep and in depth, so for people who are into that its really cool. there is a lot of dialogue and I'm gonna be honest a lot of it is just waffle at times (im looking at YOU Paimon!!) but its still an interesting thing to go through.
I wish everyone who skips all the dialogue (and I mean ALL of it like they don't read a single bit) an unpleasant evening! >:( (lol just kidding of course, play the game how you like) but seriously like, why skip the dialoge in an RPG? y'know, a genre that is typically STORY BASED. doesn't make much sense to me personally but whatever ig lol ╮(╯-╰)╭

oh yeah i forgot to talk about the characters! all the characters are sexy and awesome ( not the young ones of course!!!!!!!!!!) and have really cool designs. Well I must admit that there are certian recurring design choices, especially for the female characters like thigh highs and heels and it would be nice for maybe more variety? but that's just me being nitpicky tbh. overall i really like the designs. The characters themselves, personality wise, don't feel too tropey thankfully (if that makes sense?) like, there are tropes in the characters but its not painfully obvious and one note, its subtle. And the lore and backstory of some of the characters are very in depth and interesting (COUGH the archons). Admittedly, some of them are less fleshed out compared to other characters, but they still have depth and are unique in their own right. MIHOYO GIVE US MORE BEIDOU CONTENT PLEASE WE HARDLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HER T_T I just wish Paimon would maybe. . stop talking about food... for 2 seconds..? lol

but yeah that's pretty much it for my review well not really, I could go on but this is already long enough. I don't even know if anyone's even gonna bother to read all that, I know I wouldn't lol.

TLDR; (understandable)
• mobile version can have poor performance, you might need a decent phone to have a quality mobile experience
• gameplay is simple but also complex, it is fun
• game isn't p2w
• gacha rates are eh but the pity system makes up for it
•soundtrack is beautiful and awesome
•open world is big lots to explore
•decent story, but there is a lot of dialogue
• if you play the game too fast you can run out of content
•graphics are nice
•characters are cool and awesome and yeah

Overall, I think its a very fun game (obviously, judging by the length of this review, I wouldn't go out of my way to write all this for something i hated!) its definitely not perfect, but its still very solid. Like Zhongli's elemental skill-😳 i mean what



a fun rhythm game, albeit a bit chaotic! but that makes it fun. If you are a fan of Bandori and project sekai then you'll probably like this too. Its the rhythm game I play when I want to look lile a pro rhythm game player to other people, because it looks so complicated! (・ω´・ )

a cute little game to pass the time. thats pretty much about it. one of those games where when you are clearing up storage space on your phone, its the first one to go because its just sort of there. Its still fun though!

this game is great you guys are just unlucky

in a more serious note i lov le this game initial kanan goes brrr and carries my entire team. LOVE LOVE the card artwork it's stunning!!! The mvs and outfits are also really pretty and the Mvs actually run in my phone??
also. 4% gacha rate. FOUR PERCENT. I LOVE IT.

Love this game the rhythm aspect is the best out of all of the rhythm games honestly. I cam fc 27s!
I love Rinko she's so cute and sweet

I didn't listen to their warnings... i am now too, stuck in enstars hell. i check on the game every 2 hours to use my bp and office tickets.. i have the problem where i have 4 best boys.. four .. thats too many to be sustainable. i just cant pick 😭

i love them all though, the writing in this game is fabulous. stream The Genesis eden

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