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it's a pretty good rhythm game. looks like a mix of osu (the mod option) and gameplay like bandori or guitar hero. the graphic is pretty good, some songs has a special intro animation, the rhythm gameplay is also customizeable! it has 2 modes, 6 lines and 4 lines.

the songs are pretty catchy (even though those songs aren't my type). there's some purchaseable songs too.

overall, i guess you can try it and see it yourself. also everytime you want to play, please click the self match button near the leaderboard! i can't play the game without clicking on it.

i like dress up games, i saw this game and realized it has a lot of clothes for male characters, so i decided to try it.

it's a decent game, the loading is wayyy too slow though for me. the graphic is really good and all, but you needs a lot of money to collect all of the clothes. to be fair there's also a lot of good clothes that you can get for free through event though, you also need money to clear those faster. for every new premium banner, you get 1 free pull which is nice, but every banner ends in around 3 days, so save you coin unless you really want the clothes and stuff. overall it's enjoyable but yeah, if you want a dress up game with huge catalogue of clothes, this probably for you.

Musician Tycoon


>saw the word musician

oookay, so this game is one of those game where you pick a random topic/theme, waiting, and repeat. if you're bored you could pick this game up but other than that, well... there's not much.

i always wanted a game where we can feel a bit like a musician af. i have so many ideas for that kind of game. option to specialize in specific genre, custom cover, custom short tune (like for the memoriable part), etc but i know i'm the only one who want a game like this lol

Mario Kart Tour


i can't start the game for some reason, it keep giving me error messege. but i don't even bothered by this game, all of my friends didn't recommend me this game anyway soooooo

Food Fantasy | English


a pretty decent game, tbh it's pretty confusing at first but you can get used to it i guess.

the graphic is pretty good, music isn't memoriable but still pretty good, the gameplay is fine i guess. there's 2 main gameplay (battle & resstaurant), the battle isn't that unique but still interesting, you tap the enemy or your unit when they need help and there's some skills to be used, the restaurant is just choosing what food you want to serve and there's some battle too.

tbh the story is just confusing. I feel like it's pretty random af-

Magical Witch Bell


interesting game, it's quite short but if you're bored this would be a good time filler. i can't really say anything other than "it's a cute game with cute little story"

i won't try another gacha idol game i won't try another gacha idol game i wo--
...alright i'll try it.... dammit Rina-

the rhythm gameplay is kinda similar to muse dash, but with the addition of slide notes. the grapic is actually pretty nice, the 3d models are good. idk why people dislike it af-
the songs are... well, not my type, i only came for Rina lol

the only problem with this game for me is the RPG aspect. it's kinda annoying tbh, but without english translation i won't really understand anything anyway

overall it's a pretty nice game, not my cup of tea tho

Mafia City


this game is soooo good, so good even it's not working on BOTH my device at all

buuuut i've seen some gameplay of it from youtube and tbh nothing seems interesting from this game for me. it seems like those typical building game. yes, those games with heavy p2w side

i can't really say is it true or not though, as i said, the game just refuse to works on my phones

aNGels of death


the game is a pretty good time waster, tap this and tap that aaaand you're done! i'm not a big fan of this kind of game but feel free to try it if you like something like management simulator-decorating game



it's a pretty fun game af.

so basically you need to do some quest, defeat some monster, recruit new people, built industry and stuff so your kingdom can grow. it mostly rely on text, so if you hates reading please stay away from this game.

also you can change the name for your heroes for free [開心]



a pretty good dress-up avatar thingy, kinda looks like stuff in picrew af, which is i like

wHAT? you've never played tuber simulator??
you know it's fun right?
i'm not supposed to give my opinion, but give it a try, and THEN you can tell me if it's good or not
not convinced yet? okay, i'll cut you a deal
i'll try to explain about this game and THEN you can try it if you want

it's just a casual game, you can decorate your room and avatar. there's a catalogue of affortable items, which is decoration and stuff that you can buy using non-premium currency. if you want to make a video, they only give you some random option. most of the gameplay is just you waiting until sponsor eagle passing by.

also surprisingly, the graphic is pretty good and the music too

in short, it's a pretty good time waster, but except you're spending real money don't expect your room to look good instantly lol

surprise everyone, i actually played this game since the relase lol
but anyway

the game is basically just another mostly auto controlled game. the graphic is pretty good actually, they did a good job on the 2DLive models. the game is P2W not surprisingly, but if we're not counting the arena it's not that bad.

story is a mess though, started out kinda interesting, ended up with random notes of what the characters are doing.

drop rates is pretty good, 5% for the 5* units. Also there's a pity system to get a random 5*

if you're searching for a hero collecting game i wouldn't really recommend this game, but if you want just try it out.



actually, this game seems interesting af
but when i opened the app, a lot of problem greets me

- when i just opened the game, it can't connect to the internet even though i'm using wifi
- after tutorial there's no sound at all
- tried to restart the app, keep crashing
- finally able to play the game even though in offline mode

but uhhhh it's a pretty interesting rhythm game, it's a combination of Lanota and Persona Dancing games. The artwork is good, but the GUI looks kinda choppy and in low quality. The music is surprisingly good?? there's even a song from Cytus 2. but the game is kinda laggy

overall i think this game has some chance in the market af, but for now, nope

Song of Hero : Music RPG


already a dead game when i played it, aw :(



if you want to play gbf but doesn't want to download the app, instead of using chrome you can use this instead! the game runs smoother, also the sound renders correctly.

but other than that it's just a normal browser af-

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!


pretty good time waster, yeah it filled with ads and stuff like that but you can just turn off your mobile data. good song choices too, from a lot of diffrent artist (unlike some other game that only promote like 1 guy).

but it's kinda lagging on my device, yeah only sometimes but it sure is annoying.

A very interesting game, indeed...

it's a dungeon shooting (kinda?) adventure type of game. Tbh the game is okay but the control is annoying af, also she walks so slow. storywise (if you can call it story) is quite bizarre, you're an adventurer stuck with an old man (for some reason) and a vampire thingy attacked you and you need to defeat it. the spell system is pretty unique though

overall i won't recommend you to play this game, you can search for similar alternative that has better control. The only game that i've played and similar to this is My Heroes, and i feel like that game is more enjoyable than this.

Tiny Tower Defense


a pretty good time waster af

it's a pretty simple summoning tower defense game?? tbh i don't know how to call it af. It's basically paladog but auto and with checkpoint thingy

the worst part of it is the translation, it feels really, REALLY awkward. other than that it's pretty fun though.

nostalgia time! i remember playing this game a lot when i was a kid...

the game is pretty much just a quick reaction minigames, so if you're bored or something feel free to try this game out. bUT this game has the lives system, as far as i can remember the first game doesn't have it sooooo uhhhhh if you hate waiting just play the first one.

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