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Every Farm


Iys wroth the download because.. You start running a farm today that you inherited from your grandfather.

- Sow, water, harvest crops, and sell on the market!
- A relaxing game you get to enjoy a peaceful small-town lifestyle through the soft and colorful graphics!
- Raise animals with the grain you harvested! You can also make other products with ingredients from animals.
- Raise lovely animals, plant various seasonal crops, and run the farm in your own way.
- Run a restaurant with your own crops!



This is one of the best tactical strategy games out there. Very chess like; there is no random, all the numbers and values for you and your enemy are all laid out. You can read each enemy unit cards and see what they can do. No surprises aside from strategies you didn't think of. This is a game where you can really win from planning out many moves ahead, no matter what units you have. I've played against better players than me that won with, what seemed way worse units than I had out.

Collecting all the monsters "Phobies" is also very addictive, you get new pieces that can really alter your strategy and the outcome of the game. The plays become an art and your strategy becomes a beautiful masterpiece, just like chess.

Aside from that, this game is very polished. No bugs that I can think of (or seen yet), everything is very fluid and responsive. Well placed effects, pure eye candy for the most part.

This is a fun Puzzle game. If you ever played LINE: Disney TsumTsum or Disney Emoji Blitz l, its very similar.. Good graphichs, first 10x pull you can re-roll as much as you want, youre favorite anime characters are in the game from Ainz Ooal, Re: Zero, KonoSuba Series, Much more.. Overall its a good time consuming game you can PvP and its more a F2P and a little of P2W

天地劫 | 繁中版


fun game its like a tile game and strategies are involed. but the animation is awesome, the draw rate is 50/50. it really helps you in the beginning with the tutorials and shows you exactly what each things are. also after a certain amount of quest you can auto battle which is a good feature.. But long rating short its dun to kill time

Million Gods


Uodate: Its a very strategic game i advise to read each of the apostle and the tower ability every single one has its own ability and you can change there affects, base states, etc and its kinda a P2W but its wroth it.

This tower defense game you can pick 3 characters to start off i choose athena. you can re-summon multiple times..i prefer getting a character card and a definsive tower card that are legendary to help along.but its a fun game a little strategy is involved but its over a decent game

Alchemy Stars | Global


its a fun tile game, good graphics, genuinely unique play style, and the cinematic are very well done...yoj can pick any servers i picked JP but thays just me..the gacha is 50/50. Overall review the game its wroth it..

[厲害] Long rating short...Its a fun game has a DMC Vibe to it.. the graphics and animation and sound is good, Hot and Cute Wifus, gacha system is fair and you can re-roll in the beginning as much as you want...Its a must for people who likes Big Tittie Waifus, and a DMC Vibe 😁 And you get 2 free 5* chracters also

I think this game is pretty good, the graphics are not bad, nor the gameplay and sound, it's just that wherever you make the Pokemon scatter sometimes they actually do it, other time they don't or they just run into stuff.



it is so wroth the download size, good quality, gameplay is smooth, there are interactions time event during the gameplay, its like one piece pirate warriors 4.. similar game style 360 camera, can make combos.. overall its so wroth is especially if youre a one piece fan like me

Fishing Food


Fun game its "eat or be eaten" l.. there is a nice interaction with the gane characters its a patient game. F2P i recomend it if you wanna kill ⏲️ There is some ads but its more like doubling coins and gaining more things.

Ants Hunter


Its a fun game, very cute graphics, watch an ad for 3x the rewards, merging ants is a cool system to have, easy to get down but does require some thinking and strat but over fun game

City Takeover


its fun, simple, math and strategies are involved.but its a fun game good for the mind and just the customization are cool 😎

been waiting a long since its out its fun, graphics are amazing, long rating short its a must to download ( ^ω^)



its fun but you have to give it permission to use youre camera..long rating short its like pokemon go with the whole camera feature and the monsters.. but there is no open world location feature

fun gane good, good chracters, the story follows the anime, and the pulls is 50/50 but you might get lucky 😉 and get 3 or maybe 4 sugo rares

Jumputi Heroes


fun, alot of character, gacha is fair, and it really easy and simple

Blue Archive | Japanese


Ill keep it somple and easy...Fun, Waifus, good story, gacha is fair, and the graphics are solid 10/10...Also you can search youe favorite waifus on the internet and you wont be disappointed by the results.

its fun game im a vet on this and on global good cross over events fun.. theres actually some strategies for the game but overall its fun..also if youre willing to give an account away may i be the first lol.. also the fb group community dont trust them for selling or trading

its fun easy game cant wait for more players..but there are times the opponent's win instantly you can go first or vice versa and the opponent wins with out playing a move...but overall fun game

Disney Music Parade


its fun played the demo or alpha its fun and the online is also fun and the difficulty are pretty accurate to its name but over all... awesome game

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