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Student Y-ko who likes anime and games, sup
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Student Y-ko who likes anime and games, sup
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The potential of this game is massive. In my opinion it's on par with honkai impact 3rd and a lot of elements you'll find are similar in a way but still different. The hack and slash combos are really fun to play around with[怪笑], and the events are super engaging. Theres also a rich storyline to comb through. [哇噻]
The only thing is that you'll never have enough "energy" if you want to do a lot, like the plot or getting resources. I've mostly staved away from using black cards to get more energy but it is hard sometimes.

My personal favourite is just the ultimate graphics and look of the characters which are so, so amazing.[大哭]I highly reccomend this game if you liked HI3 and if you like hack and slash games in general

Life is a Game


it's a really good game to play offline with a lot of different endings depending on what you choose. also a good way to pass the time!

Arknights | English


The best tower defense game in my opinion. There's always new events coming out to keep you stimulated and there are many different strategies you can deploy.
Personally I went the p2p route because I'm really impatient but you can most definitely be f2p as there are lots of ways to get orundum.

The dailies and weekly missions grant 1300 orundum per week if I'm not wrong and the contingency contract depends on your strat skills as there's no auto-play.

The cool character design is immaculate as well, it's the reason I tried the game in the first place and it's still a contributing factor to me playing currently.

Give it a try for the plot if all the reasons above didn't pique you because the lore is rich in this one[耍帥]


I love the game because it caters so well to returning players and has overall good gameplay. I usually get help from other people to clear levels as they're quite hard in some parts, especially normal 15-1 to 15-10. but it's still manageable.
Can be a bit of a grind but I set most of mine to auto play and let it go in the background. ( ・ิω・ิ)

Join my guild, Hyrule! we're getting more active these days but I hope to see you guys there as well!!

bai baiiii ( ~'ω')~

I started the game for the registrations gifts, which are a nice touch. So far into the game I've found it alright, the Interface is quite good but the gameplay seems a bit redundant.

Sid Story


You never know what you have until it's gone...[憋屈]
I remember playing this game before it had glitches during the tutorial.
It was fun at the time but the confession bar was the worst haha[開心]

I'm gonna miss the game truly but I also hope they continue making more.

F for respect. [大哭]

The game is just superb and they came out with the desktop version as well for that demographic. Stories are interesting but personally I skip most of it and the events a bountiful. Its selection of characters is *chefs kiss* and there are many skill/weapon combos to utilise, maybe confusing at first but you figure it out in time and from reading guides online.

Just make sure to use your materials wisely because you can and will run out.
But yeah do try it out if you have the chance

To the people who've also played guns girls
[大哭]*we've come a long way*[大哭]
Tech Otakus Save the World

Fantasy War Tactics R


Absolutely engaging and if you like tactic games and great character designs that's a bonus. The story is also well fleshed out and doesn't drag on too long and that's coming from me, a person who always skipped the stories and dialogues.

Would highly reccomend you to try it out[厲害][開心]

The gacha, the gacha is too addicting and the characters are too cute

This is one of those games you delete only to have a phase again 2 years later . 6/10 would reccomend if you have/want to make friends

Toram Online


Not going to lie I hate this game because of how good it is. The gameplay is excellent and storyline is well developed. I have to physically uninstall the game before exams because I get so absorbed.[害羞][大哭]

The grinding can be extremely tough for some but if you have the time then I'd reccomend this game. Another review by AlyneM explains it really well so check that out too. [厲害]

Dear My Cat


Honestly didn't think I would enjoy the game to this extent. Reading their stories really made me become more attached to the cats and the soothing atmosphere is nice too. The reward ads could be a bit annoying but you wouldn't really need them as much since its a casual game[耍帥]

Bacon – The Game


I take back everything I said about this game. I'm sure it was made by a hell spawn of a Dev to come and make humans crack. There's one level I've been stuck on for a whole year now and it's to balance the bacon on a cruel triangle.
I refuse to skip bc it'll feel like I lost

good luck new players as there is no bacon meta strat, only luck(´◉‿◉`)

Super Mecha Champions


It's a diamond in the rough. I like the idea they had of combining an fps and mech battles. it gives the game a chance to keep evolving and with the new mech 'Boltus' you can have another look entirely at the game bcs of its features. [賣萌][開心][開心]

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Happy Moon Festival! Let's all share the beautiful moon everyone~~ Eat a lot of moon cakes and happy moon festival!!!! 
(◕◡◕✿) #Tsukimi
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