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Been playing since early release and I can say I enjoy the game.

Being an english port people are prepared for the upcoming events and banners for the game which makes playing the game more player-friendly and enjoyable.

The community is nice, people help eachother with different links and sources to help beat a certain battle.

Graphics 10/10
It's full of cute anime waifus, what more can you ask for? Also Kokkoro best girl. Anime cutscenes are so good that you feel like you're being immeresed in a legit anime episode although they are very short cutscenes. Character designs are very detailed, especially the limited characters. Also skill cut-ins are very good.

Sound 8/10
I don't really pay much attention to the music but every event end story features event songs wherein the current event characters sing the ending song for that event.

Gameplay 9.5/10
The game is a direct sequel to a dead online PC game with the same name but this game is an entirely different game in terms of gameplay unlike its prequel. The gameplay features chibi characters during fights and it also features AUTO mode so that you won't have to keep tapping mediocre dungeons. You can use skip tickets during dungeon runs and gacha rates are not too bad. The clan battles are also good if you are part of a good clan (shout out to Maple Tree Clan). Since the Japanese version is 2 years ahead it kinda deviates from modern games but is still very enjoyable nonetheless.

Value 8/10
The game is very F2P friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone. If you are into anime you will not be disappointed.

I have played this game for a long time now and I can say that this game is a must for all Vocaloid fans out there. Welcome to gacha hell Vocaloid version.

Much like Bandori it focuses on cover songs of original Vocaloid music. It features many different groups as well with different background stories and group atmosphere.

With the graphics it's your typical 2D art for a rhythm game. What sets it apart is that you can see your favorite vocaloid characters move about with Live2D. You can interact with them when you tap their chibi forms on the screen. Some of the unit art is superb especially the limited ones. The graphics is simple but enjoyable 9/10.

As for the sounds 10/10. Voice acting of the group members is very good, the game features great voices from different series (e.g. Ichika from SB69 Bud Virgin Logic) and who doesn't like Vocaloid songs? Some old songs give you that nostalgic feeling of listening to your first Vocaloid music when you were younger.

Gameplay-wise it is similar to other games like Bandori as well as HoneyWorks Premium Live. The notes scroll down as you tap the notes to the beat of the music. There are pretty difficult songs in the game and it's a game that everyone can enjoy even if you are not a pro at rhythm games, also it's a gacha game, 8/10.

Storyline is okay, I can't understand Japanese but I know the developers put a lot of work in making them. 8/10.

Overall the value of the game is good 8/10. I recommend this game to everyone rhythm player or not, Vocaloid fan or not.

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Want I want a neko waifu for Halloween.
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