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I'll be Honest I'm only here for the lovely Eye Candy[色色], ummm other then that try out the game and see if u like it, Not a bad start for me got 3ssr well...4ssr but i pulled the same ssr twice. Oh and u can change the language in the game to english i didnt realize that until later on messing around with stuff.

You Know I Always wanted a Date A Live Game Like this. If only Compile Heart would only make a game where u can Also Fight as the Spirits not just a dating only game then I Beleive it could do extremly well even well enough to hold its own with hyperdimension Neptunia series, and even surpass it 😊

Awesome game, we need more date a live games and hopefully this game gets a global version :) well what can i say that hasn't already been said by everyone for this game.....just try it out for translate is your best friend...............and Kurumi sexyness is OVERRR 9,000 :)

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