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Addicted everything about Japan
Aimaina 22282036

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Addicted everything about Japan
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Very nice game. I'm very addicted this game at first time gameplay. Gacha system looks not bad, easy getting crys.

Pretty and Cute character, and Battle System looks like FGO. Farming so easy, ONLY SKIPPING!?.... whew that so unpredictable. Still have minor glitch animation, but it's ok i hope developer fix it. Well I hope this game not get easy bored for me[懵懂]

Tokimeki Idol


I don't know Konami making these Idol games [懵懂]

Cute and Pretty Girl, Nice Animation, Good Song, and.... HAVE VR (Woah i'm so excited). Not many Idol Rhythm Game have VR experience, well that the advantage this game.

How sad service is shutting down, but Thanks to Konami to make these Preserved App. So i can do VR everyday [厲害].
Animation looks buggy when you play ( i don't know, i using Snap 820, but FPS always dropped even at lower graphic setting). But still Very Nice game Konami [害羞]

Cute girl, Nice Song, but Weird gameplay.

Sadly this game not survived, so suddenly developer shut downed the service. I enjoyed the music and gameplay. Yeah the weird gameplay almost make me ... ah nvm. But still i enjoyed this game

I'm glad dev made preserved app, so i still can play this game, Good job Square Enix. This is not Masterpiece, but not a trash too [暈]

Well, Satisfy to see and play. Animation looks good.
Just confused when Dating start, idk which is better answer [懵懂]. Cuz not understand language [耍帥]

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