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its ok for now

Japanese VA
Auto style combat - Chibi style
Live2D arts
Love meter - Hearts system for characters
Battle pass - Charge/paying mileage
Might take decent time investment for ingame currency for gacha, fair ammount of free stuff

- Standard graphic, not good but not bad.
- JP VA but not really appealing or having a character.
- Straigh foward gameplay, simple, somewhat fun. But since you get time block on almost every activity involved in progressing It really ruined the fun part. Feels like bussiness model of mobile game of 2014.
- No comment on story part.

Clearly not a game worth your time.

Great game, only downside is no english ver yet.

Lineage 2M (19) | Korean


There are better games to play than this, dont watse your time in this

V4 | Korean


Good graphic, booring gameplay for now.

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


Why you haven't install this game yet? DO IT!

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vpn also not available feels bad Read Note
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