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Blue Archive | Japanese


the gameplay is simple in the battle but skill management and team building is insanely crucial starting from mid game content. The only downside is the gacha rate is insanely low and some of the *3 character is somewhat powerful and useless for example izumi(the one who have burger in her hand) is the most useless *3 character in the game, so if you got her on first pull reroll it immediately prioritizing aru/hibiki/iori/haruna/hina/shun (6 of them must get if you want cause some of them is insanely good for late game content) story is good but it twist the shit out of your normal school life experiences really goddamn fast. Overall the game is good but the gacha rate isn't so if you're ready to get unlucky on this game like this good. luck

Azur Lane | Japanese


already play on the global server and almost known all the features if you want some tips just contact me(if I can answer that:v)if using line my I'd:paramahms then my phone number is +62 08381246690.Yostar thanks for the good game for this one year (global server)

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