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Nice story even the event story does stick together with the main.
Well done in character design, most people here in this damn raven high is bad as in personality but weirdly i cannot really hate them 😂.
As for things to do, it is just too simple, lessons - battle - story.... but what can we expect from a raising idol liked game?... Yes more interacting with our idols!!! But let the developer make dreams come true!

I won't recommend playing the game cause it has been 3 years, you won't ever catch up unless you are a heavy paying player or able to accept the slow pace progression as free player.
Despite all the negative, tagatame still one of the best game i have ever played. And character love is the thing keeping me from quitting (as well as the story).

Sdorica sunset


Sdorica really a worth game to play, and really suitable for casual gaming and free to play players. Just give it a try you will see how good this one is.

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Harveston Event Missions Deadline: February 22nd 14:59 (Japan time)
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