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Icchibanketsu -ONLINE-


+ Beautiful art
+ Smooth gameplay
+ Game is generous with giving rare heroes. You can get 1 free rainbow hero (the rarest rank in this game) in event banner. Rate for pulling rare ranks is also decent
+ There are always new events
+ Decent voice acting
+ Able to skip all dialogues (even if you haven't read it once)

- No voice of bad guys (Berial's side)
- Super time-consuming. This game requires grinding a lot
- Game makes you feel less involved. All you need to do is set team, choose elements and watch your heroes fight. This can quickly become boring, especially when you reach higher level
- Lack of communication. There is neither guild nor adding friends within the game
- Fandoms are slowly dying. As far as I know, latest English translation and updates were in Jul - Aug

You can give this a try if you like Japanese gods and folktales. Otherwise, do not bother.

+ Beautiful drawings
+ Amazing soundtrack, especially login screen song
+ Rare and super cards are not really hard to obtain

- Super laggy. Music keeps playing, but screen and animation stop working
- Extremely time-consuming. You have to grind hella a lot in this game
- I can't figure out how to skip battle cutscenes when each character uses special skills. Therefore, a battle drags way too long to finish
- Voice acting seems off, some sound emotionless, a few sounds okay
- Anime art style is not good enough. I feel like it lack something. Developers should have skipped this part

I uninstalled it after 2 weeks playing. Guess this game is not for me.

Helix Waltz | English


+ Beautiful art (there are about 150 clothing sets; each one includes more than 10 items and you can freely mix them)
+ Loveable characters (there are 55 NPCs who can be friends or foes depending on your choice)
+ Unique story (even NPCs have their own stories. If you have good relationship with them, they will reveal their true nature and spicy secrets to you [厲害])
+ Addictive gameplay (I spend one whole day and a sleepless night on my first time playing this game)
+ Music really suits the theme
+ Game is generous with giving high-star (3* - 6*) items (you can use coins/ gems/ hearts gained from NPCs and real friends to buy or exchange high quality items frequently)

Lyrica Game


Excellent game. Art is beautiful. Music is soothing. 70% songs are Chinese and 30% are Japanese. Gameplay is awesome. You can play the game and learn the lyrics (which appear on your screen while you're playing) at the same time.

Sadly, game is not 100% free. Only a few songs are available. If you love the game and want to support it, you can buy more songs and unlock later chapters in Store.

I am not sure whether this is a problem to you guys or not, but the game can only be installed in Internal Storage (a.k.a. Phone memory). There is no way to move it to External Storage (SD card) and this is surely a big downfall to me.

All in all, Lyrica is a great game. Highly recommend for rythm game lover.

P/s: Does anyone know how to open Missions? My wifi is on and I have tried lots of way, but the game always refuses me to earn more songs through Missions. Unlucky me [大哭]



Songs are not catchy. Futhermore, most of the songs are unpopular Korean. All song remix are terrible. Isn't this supposed to be a rhythm game, why the music is so terrible?

Characters are plain, girls are cute, boys are flashy, that's all, nothing more. Almost every main characters like to downgrade you from the very beginning (except the kind girl in blue dress, I like her the best). Terrible personalities. Animals are lovely, but most of them have awful skills, which are not worth to level up.

Autoplay function seems nice at first glance. But then, we are forced to watch A.I. play on their own and not be able to skip it. What is the meaning of Autoplay if players aren't allowed to fast forward or skip the song? Terrible idea.

Overall, there is nothing attractive about this game, at least to me. Definitely would never recommend this game to my friends forever and ever after. [no][no][no]

Uninstall game!!! (◓Д◒)✄╰⋃╯

Tsuki Adventure | Global


Game is extremely cute with nice graphics and smooth gameplay. Sadly, sounds quickly become repetitive after three days playing.

Different characters appear in certain time of a day. Therefore, you should open the game (in real time): early morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, late evening/night.

In Yori the Fox's shop, there are tons of items which cost carrots (a currency used in this game). However, keep in mind that not every items can be interacted with. I strongly recommend you buy fishing rod to catch fish and then sell them at the shop to earn carrots.

Sometimes, there are visitors who come to Tsuki's house. Accept their offers to watch a short advertisement and earn some carrots.

In Settings, click the Safe (at the right bottom) and enter " yaytsuki " to receive free carrots. This code can only be used once, though.

Overall, this game is quite similar to Tabikaeru, but it has more interaction and characters and content. Recommend if you like cute animals.

Azur Lane | English


Game crashes too often. Furthermore, this game drains my phone battery. Girls are cute and pretty but many of them have really poor stats, even SSR (like San Diego). Storyline is a bit meh [白眼]

Good thing is that they hold lots of new events, so you always find new ships.

Some tips for newbies:
- Summon at least 1 or at most 3 per day to do daily missions.
- 3 starter ships are all op late game, so remember to lock them and raise them well.
- Don't spend diamonds to buy rings, you get 1 free ring when a ship in your dock reaches 100 affinities anyway.
- Do commissions as much as you can, those give resources, dorm coins and are one of the best ways to level up your girls.
- Try your best to reach level 3-4 as asap and farm there to get 2 super rare foxes (Kaga and Akagi)
- In Dorm, furniture gives less mood than other things (such as wallpaper, floor...) so save your dorm coins until you can afford more valuable things.

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I have just installed this game. When I open it, the login screen with logo "Netease game" appears and then it crashes, I am forced to return to my phone menu. Despite how many times I try, this situation remains and I couldn't enter the game for more than 5 seconds. Does anyone have the same problem? What should I do to fix this?
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