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Dragalia Lost


If you like typical gacha games, this one is a must! Cygames has been extremely good at listening to feedback and implementing changes so far. The game now controls well, auto-mode no longer leaves chests behind, co-op is fun and easy to do, premium currency is being handed out like candy even at higher levels, UI and menus work like a charm with very fluid transitions and minimal loading times, and they're not cluttered, which personally bothers me the most in other similar games.

Drawing from the gacha is the only way of getting characters currently, aside from the few story and event freebies. The gacha itself has okay rates, but wyrmprints and dragons (think equipment) is all in the same pool with the characters, which can get frustrating. Still, you're quaranteed a 4* with every 10-pull (out of 5 stars) and even some 3* will carry you all the way through the story and endgame. The game is more about skill than stats and random chance.

And the music is fricking fantastic!

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