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Honkai: Star Rail



I grow up playing old Final Fantasy series VII all the way to X
It was only until Final Fantasy XII came out and the series tried something different and on FF XV we have open world action RPG.

Action and Open World have become a staple to so many recent RPG games and it's very rare to see developers dare to break the rules and return to its roots.

The game is definitely not for the people who wants dopamine rush by dodging, sprinting, flying and etc.
It is a game that dares to defy the Open Action genre by imposing it's own pace and uniqueness, no more turn based games becomes boring by waiting turns but now there's action in between as well.

As a turn-based RPG fan, I love the game and all the efforts the devs and writers have put into the game. All of it, graphics, character design, sounds and music combine into something that tinggles my nostalgic heart.

Each characters are unique and challenges are fun. Your way to victory will rely 99% on your team composition. The stories will definitely entertain you.

Honkai Star Rail is definitely not for everyone not even perhaps for Genshin players with their total freedom of explorations, but Star Rail is definitely made with love from the devs for whomever dares to walk the path.

Aether Gazer | Global



Allow me to elaborate :
This is really just a hack and slash game with skill buttons at the ready and you combo them to achieve max DPS, unlike PGR where you have to micro-manage orbs or Honkai where you have to time your stacks and buffs perfectly. There's no massive penalty for missing out your AI buffs except for sub-optimal damage.

Yes, you read it right. Unlike PGR and Honkai where there's both visual and audio cues from enemies when they are about to hit you, none of enemies' attacks gives you an audio warning which is very essential when you are attacking a group of enemies or bossing. You can only pay attention to enemies' animations and their respective Red Zone AoE to dodge them making the game a DODGING SIMULATOR 90% of the time

AI controlled characters are just that. . . they simply deal damage and spam whatever skills that are not in cooldown. Its sad to see that for a game with 3 active members on the field, none of them can draw aggro from you unless they deal more damage than you do, which is strange since us as players will always deal the most damage because of our knowledge of character mechanics

I do not hate the game, but it's definitely not something perfect. Character designs wise, I dare say they are on par with both PGR & Honkai with each their own flavor. Musics and BGMs are good. But a lot of mechanics are actually falling behind such as Auto-clear for mats farming (there's a reason for that, not only to save time but also help players to focus more test their newly obtained charas quicker, testing new builds so on. Instead we have to tediously play each resource stages to earn them.)

It's a game for the lesser competitive or perhaps with slower hands and a lot of time, the gameplay is actually much more relaxing compared to PGR & Honkai as you only control a single character during fights. Sadly the main stories doesn't leave a memorable impression on me and w/o realizing I am starting to skip cutscenes.

Lost Light


This game is not exactly the "realistic" shooter you would think. Good side is that some gun mods have pros and cons like Call of Duty gunsmiths where shorter barrel decreases range effectiveness but increase mobility, etc. Some gun mods reduces movement speed, which actually a good way of balancing gun moddings. But as far as realism goes, this game is not it. Armors acts like Shields rather than 'armor' and high penetration ammo basically kill the armor first then the wearer. They give so much stuff on a Battlepass.(Yes, you can pay for a battlepass) that will literally gives you stupendously good items, its starting to turn into a pay to win game.

Graphics are great, sounds could use some more work.

Figure Fantasy | English


Graphics : The graphics are pretty good, its similar to Dragon Raja style graphic and they are great for highlighting these figurines.

Sound : Music are okay imo but their sound effects are great.

Gameplay : Gameplay is an auto-battler real-time strategy where you can adjust formations of your figurines to optimize combat capabilities. Team Comp.s are more important than just having 'the strongest' characters so putting more thoughts into team comps are essential if you want to win some game contents such as the weekly Final Battles or PvP. The auto-battler can. . well .. automatically actives each charas Ult Skills or it can also be set up manually so you can have more control over your fights.

Storyline : I don't want to spoil anything, so basically its ALMOST like a Toy Story meets anime kinds of story. Overall the story telling is good imo.

Value : Its really hard to review these Values for their purchases because this thing has ALOT of things that can just be purchased. HOWEVER it doesn't mean its not F2P friendly. The game offers generous stuffs to newcomer as well as their events also very rewarding so if you are F2P you definitely want to play their events.

Overall : Its quite the generic auto-battler actually with better graphics, but you can feel there's effort put into the game by the devs unlike some games that are meant to just milk your wallet. Its a good 'side game' if you need a change of pace from your daily gaming.

Blue Archive | Global


Graphics : 5/5 If you love cute girl chibis committing warcrimes on the streets then this game is for you! From exploding ammo, black bag full of bomb (alahu~), and many more !

Sound : 3/5 Gunfire sounds so. . Meh. incl. the explosives OST/BGM are good but they don't compensate the sound effects

Gameplay : 4/5 Its a real-time strategy, you can active your girls' skills to commit warcrimes or ask for some cover support/heals depending on each characters. The cover system are excellent as they can significantly boost your team's survivability. What's totally fun from the game is you either go full Rainbow Six with covers and tactics or just go full SPACEMARINES and PURGE THE HERETICS

Value : EVERY Characters can be upgraded in both level and rarity(which is great). And some characters can "out-usefullness" rare characters combat capabilities. i.e ★3 chara deals huge damage but ★2 charas can heal and give shields and cover which are more essential for survivability. The WORST PART about gacha is that they have a weird pity system that DOES NOT CARRY TO THE NEXT BANNER. Yeah. so f*ck that. . .

You don't need specific characters to clear areas/missions so team composition matters more. But Gacha is just greedy af as expected from Nexon.

We all know that Honkai is arguably one of the best ARPG out there but PGR is an absolute rival!
if you love HI3RD and wanna try something new then PGR is absolutely a must try. Characters rely more on their inherent skills (in-game name Orb Ping) rather than having to get a full set of 'stigmata' passives like in HI3rd.

'Conciousness' (in-game name for the "stigmata") have great boost for characters but it doesn't make them rely on them too much or a must have full set.

The soundtracks are amazing and suite the game atmosphere of a post apocalyptic world while also being that modern cyber-esque feeling.

Events are fun and they also give quite a boost for new comers!

Its definitely worth a try for both new to the ARPG genre or veterans alike!



If you love infinite dungeon crawling, then this is the game for you ! the graphic maybe a little outdated by modern triple A mobile games out there but it makes up for the unique gameplay. Playable both Online and Offline with the difference being that Online makes you able to join events and earn the rewards. For offline game its good enough to kill sometime and having progression. Everything is grindable by crafting/loot (not loot boxes). There is microtransaction but as an F2P you really doesn't need to pay for anything unless of course you want to support the Devs !

Personal Review on the game.
An almost perfect SAO game for a mobile phone!


The gameplay is great with a lot of variety in 'sword skills' for all weapons.

The sound effects are awesome, and BGMs are great!

The storyline is good! very good for a mobile SAO game.

The only thing that holding back this game
is the terrible fact that SWORD SKILLS ARE GACHA!!
that's right! in order to get more and better skills is not by levelling up or finishing main quests. But by IN-APP PURCHASES.

There's a fair amount of free Gems(premium currency) to pull those skill gachas including daily login, and also some gacha banners has guaranteed good skills, but this mechanic is what holding this game from being a great SAO game.

Sure, companies still need to make money by in-app purchases but making Skills (a fundamental mechanic of an MMORPG) hold behind a paywall, is just very poor design imo. I can still get behind gacha for equipments/cosmetics. But skills? Daym.

Nevertheless, I leave the rest up for the reader to decide if the game worth a try or not.

This is my personal review of the game.

1. Graphic wise its a 7/10 for me. Its not the best graphics for a mobile game but it hits a balance of eye candy and performance especially for current lower-end ones like ones released 2-3 years ago.

2. Sounds are mediocre, that's it. Music as well.

3. Gameplay here is pretty creative imo. You deal damage and try inflicting a 'debuff'(in this example 'Airborne') to continue doing combos on your enemies mid-air (There's no flight tho.) There's also multiple debuffs and combos to do also chained by your companions. So even though a companion is not 'as powerful' as the other, at least they're usefull for you to chain combos. THERE IS an auto-play but they doesn't work on your combos so its there not to play itself but just to make things easier for you. So I dare say an 8.5/10 for Gameplay

4. Storyline is the generic chosen one saves the world with its own flair and flavour. Not bad and still enjoyable but definitely not the game's strong suit. 6/10.

5. Now the most important one. IS THE GAME P2W ?
If you are aiming for competitive play i.e leaderboards and scores. Then YES. IT IS P2W. BUT if you just wanna play the game casual F2P, enjoying the waifu, or just a change of pace in your daily gaming. Then this game have a balance of grinding as well for many events. Since this is the Korea server with a English Language support. So whatever the Koreans are having, you will be having them as well in term of content.

Now I leave it to your judgement for the rest!
Cheers! and happy gaming!

Graphics is 4/5 its not the most beautiful game but it does catch the 'Skyrim' feeling inside a limited mobile device.

Sounds are 3/5 because they kinda just reuse sounds from Skyrim PC here and only a couple of lines are originally voiced.

Gameplay is 4/5 for me because although its nothing innovative, it does suits the game overall feels.

Storyline is 3/5 its like they take the storyline out of Skyrim's questline to be honest so yeah. . 3 points

Value is 3/5 the game has a pretty . . 'Mediocre' to say the least about their Microtransactions and their premium currency grind. Plus side is they don't bombard your UI with 'Limited Purchases' every time you play like other games. Couple stuffs in the store is attainable by grind, some locked behind 'cash only'.

Overall its a 3.5-3.8★ for me since I do like playing Skyrim and the game catch that overall atmosphere in general especially with their Dwemer Dungeons. The game has a pretty good balance in their Single Player mode, you can go in endless dungeons called Abyss to grind, or just do easy quests and storylines. The multiplayer is obviously flawed with the bad matchmaking sometimes pitching you with high geared/levelled opponent. The guild is nothing spectacular but its a good hub for the players. Finally the game lacks Co-op quests/Raids which really sucks.

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I USED TO PLAY ON SG SERVER so yeah. . . I used to play on Singapore server and since that server is now down, I read somewhere that its transfered to Korea server now. I don't seem to get my old account back so was there any procedures that I should've done before?? Read Note
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