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First, the PROS, the gameplay is awesome, sound is superb, the story is decent and the graphics are... pleasant...

For the CONS, for me, its greatest con is its monetization, its on a barely tolerable levels of predatory. Here's a breakdown as to why I think that is. It has, Flash sales on a limited timer, packages that are barely or half a 10 pull, milestone packages, battle pass system, no pity/spark system (there is a wish selector where you "SPECIFY" your SSR, the catch is IF you get the an SSR and also, the selector requires 15, consisting of 5 for each faction, basically, you'll struggle to get what you need/want, but this is bad too since the strongest units/faction are unselectable), character duplication upgrade system(to limit break, you need dupes of a character), a lot of types of currency, subcription plans (way too expensive from standard), and its greatest sin of all, they separate the premium currency from "free" and "paid" and they dont specify on their packages if they are selling you the free or paid version. The only good thing I saw was that the skin is straight up paid in cash, but this still a bad thing considering that ARKNIGHTS skins can be purchase without spending a dime.

OVERALL, its great game but the monetization is predatory, at least there is no VIP system or features behind a paywall. So, if you can stomach the monetization, give a shot, its a fun, hard and challenging game where, it may have auto, but you still need control it from time to time (especially boss fights) as they are hard and will require your attention, plus its greatest feature is its "art'...



It's STEAM...! Whats NOT to like nor hate...

As a vocaloid fan, im a bit bias in my opinion, the only criticism that I can give to this game is that the highest rarities drop rates are horrible, other than that, graphics are great, gameplay isnt anything incredible but still fun nonetheless, storyline is kinda cliche, but the music is GOD TIER. Overall, if you CAN ignore the gacha part, its a fun game to play.

Guardians of Cloudia


Its one of those mmorpg mobile games where it bombards you with all the packages, discounts, monthly cards, etc... I honestly dont know what to set them apart at this point, other what they look and their story. Other than those, they are all the same.

Mitrasphere | English


It feels too much like SinOalice, much like everyone says. And much like SinOAlice, the only thing going for this game is the story. Graphics are not anything amazing, its playing like playing Granblue Fantasy, if this was released in 2015, it would've have been amazing, but this game came way too late. Value is also crap, premium currency is separated with "Free" and "Paid", thats a sign that its not even F2P friendly which is a BIG "NO NO" for me, that kind mechanic should not exist, your basically giving the whales "Exclusivity" by doing this, the game's content should be available to everyone and not locking it behind a paywall.

All and all, this game is like SinOAlice in a different genre, and just like that game, its crap.

Lord of the Other World


After a month of playing, here's my review.

Graphics are crap for a mobile game, Sounds are too generic, Gameplay is boring (All you do is a basically point and click), theres no story at all and lastly, it bombards you with all the money grabbing schemes it can possibly legally give (from limited time offers, monthly cards, "discount" packages to Battlepasses).

All in all, this game is garbage, its a another one of those typical chinese cash grabs. The only thing worth praising is the build system, but that too needs premium currency. so yeah, its a trash game.

Enjoying it so far, graphics and sounds are impresive. Gameplay is rather unique that a little bit of thinking is required. I have yet to see all of this game features, so I cant say much for its value. Overall, this game is worth a try..

Its basically FGO with a Kancolle like gacha system...

Eternal City | SEA


The game is good, like really good. But the ones running are not, I highly suggest playing it, but don't spend your real life money on anything in it.

PS: The games' story is not bad but the translations are near or if not exactly like garbage.

Starlight ReLive is rather a great game in my opinion due to this reasons. There are pros and cons but here are my thoughts, first is that graphics are actually good but its too good that low end devices might find playing this bad because of lag, next is the sound, no complains what-so-ever since this game is basically all about that anyways, next is the gameplay, its still kinda like FGOish but still its fun either way for me anyways. The story is also quite nice, in fact, theres alot of it, sure that some are just side stories but stories none the less, lastly is its value, so far I can see that the gacha system is somewhat forgiving and not money grabbing, you can also survive through the game without spending a dime, overall its a great game, sure the gameplay and graphics needs a few tweeks but its still pretty enjoyable...

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