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Now that we are not restricted to the 2d plane, there is big potential for really great outfits!
We are now able to choose poses and camera angles!
Graphics are excellent too the point where even simple low rarity outfits look beautiful.

There are still very tiny bits of clipping but the game mostly avoids this be not allowing you to equip overlapping pieces. When set to high quality, will feature multiple layers of shadow and reflection.

Global please! (Or at least JP Dub)

P.S. I cant read chinese [大哭]

Destiny Child | Global


Other games make Live2D only for their premuim characters. This game makes ALL characters Live2D! Also has REALLY good soundtrack. Drop rates are also pretty good. Gives you so much currency both premium and free that you would be rolling ALMOST EVERY OTHER DAY, with a chance of 5*!

Cons: Has PVP that is Pay2Win but can easily be ignored. YES, YOU CAN PASS PVP IN THIS GACHA GAME.

CONS? Most grils here are oiled so much that they look very shiny and more THICC than usual. (Im fine with that tho.)

PS: Global version is censored, but has unofficial uncensored/nsfw patches.

PPS: Drop rates are SO GOOD to the point where you will be spoiled! YOU have been WARNED.



The Best Rhythm Game Youll Ever Play.

Note: Extras are expensive though. [大哭]

Asphalt 9: Legends


Three words describe this game: Pay. To. Win

Big part of the game is competitive. Competition is based on lootbox and real world money. The more you spend, the better your cars (sadly, the community says otherwise).

This game is only good for benchmarking your phone and nothing more.

Tactics, Guns and... Gun Waifus? Gacha game. No P2W here but would feel like pay to progress. You can still do about with a bit of grind. Current total filesize is 3.5GB with voicelines included.

Note: There is no in-game world chat and clan system. You'll have to social media sites to communicate with the community.

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While trying to pre-register for the early acces of this game, Ive come across a very concerning question in the survey which I see where theyre going at considering its somehow related to their other popular game Honkai Impact. Read Note
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