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Final Gear | Korean


want to play the game but your phone suck? dont worry. the japan server have a PC client. for Dmm client

this a 9/10 game . and i read that the Korean server is incoming to. and maybe in some future a english version will rise. or not.
the langu. barier is a problem if you dont read JP. but you can play and have some funs rising your favorite waifus horse girls . the Rising sims type simulator is very very good. you really have fun making her more stronger and trying to reach 1* places. and of course lossing some races or waching your girl losse really hit the spot . that kind of feeling is very rare to explain but you really want to make the best for her. ( is this the new tamagochi game ? ) maybe. but Cygame really do a good work on this . and i hope that if there is not a globar server maybe an english options for forengin pp. some day.

waifu>meta (if you are not a whalet warrior and dont want pvp)

Blue Archive | Japanese


The Global server will come fast. AL and GFL took 2 year to make his way to west and AK just was 7 to 9 month to get Global server. dont losse hopes

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server ofline / game will be re release on 22 , they want to polish more the game and they will give more reward for compensation ---> more info on jap (  Read Note
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