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It's really beautiful game. I wanna give 6 but limit is 5



Best fun game for multiplayer with your friends. Summer chill night 🙂

Green the Planet 2


Nice pixel game.



There's many intersting shows.

The game is good but win rare item is so unusual. I'm playing this about 4 months but there's no sets or skins in my inventory

Nice pixel art

Radiation City Free


It's just a limited game not full version... And still bit lag on 3GB device. Gameplay is numb.

Here's new group for Otaku Gamers come join and make big group 😊
Come join group "Otaku Gamers" here: Shared from QooApp.

Modern Combat Versus


I love this game. This really good FPS fantasy action game recorded before apex legends

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Here's new group for Otaku Gamers come join and make big group 😊
Come join group "Otaku Gamers" here: Shared from QooApp.
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