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I'm not kidding I'm joking
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I'm not kidding I'm joking
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If you like idle game and just collecting waifu and with no story maybe this game fo you

Time Defenders


Arknight but 3D and no catgirls

I've played the Korean one before but it's called Evolution Girl, the server shut down. Wanted to move to Japanese one, heard it was also shut down.
Glad global release, but I hope it won't follow the predecessor.

I played this from play store.
Not worth of your time playing this, the gacha even worse than FGO, the UI so simple it looks bad, the battle is automatic and simple nothing good.
The game simplistic yet slow (I don't know because the server or the game really slow)

the only good thing about this game is the tittle sreen

Imagine Harvest Moon went full anime, on mobile.

I wish, I hope, I pray there will be English version.

If you're not seriously want to play this don't bother installing it. First hour I played as guest the data is gone, I need to link my account as soon as possible, and it still keep logging out after I close the game.

The graphic is good, have some "nice" physics.
It's idle tower defense-like, it English language (developed by Korean), gacha is pretty generous and have many interactive as levels progressed.

The downside, bad UI (for me), for unlocking other character and costumes you need to buy with real money, need to use a lot of diamond, after a while bored because it keep the same enemy and map.

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anybody can still play this game?
because mine imidiately force close when I open it
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