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Bunichubii 22010733

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Pigg Life


Way too slow. Cant even play it.

Bistro Heroes


Its very cute! I love the art style. Game mechanics are easy to understand and theres an english version out!!

The concept of the game is very cute. I dislike the pixelated graphics of the text and some of the windows, looks weird. There are also some bothersome typos. They looks like this: " I '!&ve never seen so much food in my life!" Other than that, I'm enjoying this game so far. I hope these will be changed soon.



Quick paced, really gets your mind thinking, and is very addictive! I can play for an hour just grinding to get more room decor!

Kanahei's Big Vegetable


Its so cute!! Only thing is that with every ad that pops up, it crashes.

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it wont leave the loading screen 😭 Read Note
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