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A game that tries to sell itself based on nostalgia but is actually a p2w buggy game that lost its way to being what it once was. Wonky gameplay mechanics include unplayable Endless tower unless abusing corner strat "gimmicks" and party based MVP farming where the whole mechanic of tank aggro doesnt exist. Stats are not only based on lv and gear progression but also based on collection deposits including obtaining cash based costumes and gear for permanent stat advantage. Heavily p2w and time gated which prevents you on focusing on one chara and trying to promote multi chara play. Meta based class system so some classes will be completely disowned from specific content. Bosses with 100% physical reflect in guild content despite there being only one magic damage based class. The entire game revolves around afk farming in specific hot spots, so expect to kill 1 type of enemy all end game till you finally reach the end. Also no trading system and broken marketing system.

Granblue Fantasy


Papa KMR will take very good care of you 😏

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