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Valiant Force 2 | SEA


Graphics: 4/5
-Definitely better than the failed Shining Beyond, chibi character may make some people dislike it but it's decent enough.

Sound: 3/5
-Decent enough to not play the game in mute.

Gameplay: 5/5
-It's basicly an upgrade of the 1st Valiant Force game, bigger stage like FF Tactics,
-Aura is now global instead of the previous game,
-Level is locked behind Jobs and chapters cleared but it's not really going to make your life harder as long as you play your cards right and not blindly rush enemies, you won't even have issues with running a single R healer,
-Gears are also upgrade locked depending on their stars but it's not much of an issue early game,
-Star upgrades for character are the one thing you gotta save for, but not as much of a huge upgrade in stats.

Storyline: 3/5
-The story is decent enough to read, atleast it's better than the previous games.

Value: 3/5
-Decent enough for F2P players, you get roughly 150 to 450 currency per stage with 9 to 10 stage per chapters,
-Multipull costs 3000 currency.

Bugs and issues here and there, but the devs are actively fixing them, give them some time since theyre not an entirely big dev team unlike other big companies, atleast they have communicatiom with players via Discord.

Zold:out | Global


Graphics: 3/5
slightly taller Chibi with lots of details would've been better if the 2D image was L2D.

Sound: 2/5
it's eh, idk.

Gameplay: 4/5
a really good gameplay, ruined by some QoL wall, like how there are sweep but requiring tickets that costs half a pull for 10 sweep tickets.

Storyline: 2/5
It's eh, I guess.

Value: 1/5
2% Gacha pull rate for SSR, 200 currency per pull, 1800 for 10x, you get 45 currency per stage, no extra pulls from full clearing Normal diff chapters, 1 extra pull ticket for clearing Hard diff chapter (chapter not stage)

it could've been good, but the game is hindered by some questionable and greedy decisions, the game's pace is kind of slow.

Auto gets unlocked by the end of chapter 2, and it takes roughly an hour and PvP gets unlocked by chapter 3, but you are required to clear chapter 1 Hard to unlock chapter 3, idk why they do this but this is jist annoying.

Sweep function exists but the tickets are very very scarce, making grinding/farming dailies slow as hell.

Rerolling is fast, around 5 to 10 mins per, 2 multi pull on both chara and weapon for those who are rerolling.

2% Gacha rate, bad currency gains, 180 pull for pity, slow gameplay pacing, lots of loading times.

overall, couldve been great 10 years ago or if they decided to make QoL a priority.




Cadria Item Shop


pretty decent shop sim



Graphics: 5/5
really good 3D models and animations, game runs smoothly on a mid end phone on low settings and high texture settings.

Sounds: 4/5
some characters have a custom song from the looks of it.

Gameplay: 3/5
the usual Idle game gameplay.

Storyline: 4/5
used the 3D models on the VN style story telling instead of their 2D image.

Value: 1/5
as usual for idle games, it's heavily P2W.



Graphics: very outdated graphics
Sound: is okay
Gameplay: plays like FF Tactics
Storyline: so-so
Value: not worth it

Gacha drops shards and SS rarity drop rate is 1%
VIP Levels
Various power ups
-the usual leveling
-star up requires shards (10 star max, SS rarity starts 4 star)
-rank up requires materials (the usual)
-awakening requires another unit of same element (uncaps your character's rank from green+2 to blue, requires same element character green+2, and because characters are F*CKING RARE, this is a shitty way to hinder progress)

played the old one, quit after a few months, will try again



ehh, is okay

Idle Labyrinth


Note: requires internet despite being an offline game

game play is so-so, kind of fun, issues here and there.



Managed to play for 15 mins
the game is broken,
ui stacking with each other,
special effects persists even when it already ended on battle,
gui is confusing asf.

Idle Angels


been playing for a long time, although Im not sure why this version is a seperate app from the one on google play, the game is generous for the most part and constant events on their official discord

Graphics: 4/5 unit wise, you'll love them jiggly physics and some skins are mostly farmable.

Sound: 3/5 go use korean voice, the english voice is cringe and the jp voice is low quality.

Gameplay: 2/5 its the same old idle game, although you have to move positions once in a while, the only differenting factor about this one is that you bring 12 units total, although its better to just dump everything on 1 or 2 min units instead.

Storyline: 2/5 story is like whatever, Im here for those jiggle physics.

value: 2/5 you wont really get that much from spending "some" money aside from the 1st 2 weeks because of the time limited newbie only events.

overall: the game is decent enough to have QoL here and there, if you know what youre doing you can hit top 10 arena of your server even as f2p.

Traveling Knight(CBT)


Graphics: very very outdated, like 2000s tier of bad, the chibi looks hideous, some characters have L2D, some characters don't
Sound: is okay
Gameplay: it's the same as the usual idle game combat
Storyline: weird translations
Value: nah, just no, the graphics aren't worth your money




initial update wont download



rating it low because that "english" supported language tag is as always, fake

Edit: I played it for quite a while, it plays smoothly, no hiccups or anything, this version clearly dont have english despite it having English as supported language, and Im 100% sure it wont have an english support as the premium shop only have yen as accepted currency.

Eitherway, I really like the game and would 100% play once they release an english version.

cant reroll using guest account as it stays even when you uninstall the game unless if you have a ton of gmails

Demigod Engine


The game is super clunky, unoptimized and the fps is horrible, despite being able to play HI3rd fine, this game seems to need even more processing power.

the art style is good, I like the theme of the game, it's just sad that it runs on 10fps

Dislyte | Global





its okay

Side Gear


Graphics: 2/5, it's uhhh, chibi and the UI is kind of, eh

Sound: 1/5, there's literally nothing but a looping bgm and the sfx of your girl slashing

Gameplay: 2/5, it's your usual watch-your-character-do-stuff

Storyline: 1/5, there's none

Value: 3/5, generous on the currency but is littered by advertisement locks

Overall: waste of time

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