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rating it 1 star cuz suddenly became region locked

Kingsense | English


Story stages are easy to clear, some are puzzle stages.
PvP is grouped by region (easy top 1 reward)

1.5% gacha rate on a whole character and 1.5% gacha rate on 1. Effing. Intel (you need 20 to redeem the said character)

God of Tales


is an idle game
gives a ton of currency
no p2w (you cant purchase anything)

expensive shop items
eats mobile data more than what it's storage is (hunch that it's running adverts on background or is mining)
slow upgrade progress
you can't buy new characters
if you die at any point of the stage, you start at stage 1 (even if you died at stage 3000 or higher and it takes a long time given that, each stage is around 3 seconds per clear)

will edit after playing it

God of High School


The game has too many things that aren't given an actual description of uses making it too confusing at times, if you're a newbie and go in blind, you will waste a lot of resources on random stuffs you thought was a good investment for said resources

my game actually soft locked on tutorial when I disconnected (despite having good connections) during the time it wanted me to press quest complete, nice

Gameplay: Top Down Idle Roguelike(?) game that you can move freely and can manual skill but you can just upgrade everyone and let them melt the enemies eitherway.

Gacha Rates: decent, 3000 per 11x roll, 100 per level ups and 100 per new stage.

Hero selection: very very bad, there's like only 7 or 8 units.

Notes: there's only 2 chapters, like... it's not gonna even take you 2 hours to clear all of them, there's generally no gameplay after that plus the 2016ish graphics, why even make this game?

Custom Cast


getting new outfit or accesories are just too long to do but iy has a lot of customizability to it, if only it can draw over apps, it would be perfect

pretty fun game, ads arent hindering and almost unlimited plays

game freezes when starting a new game and selecting on the 3 starters

game freeze locations:
1. Initial Starter selection
2. Team Formation page
3. Animalroid page

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Please read your notifications Please read notifications about the new rules about r15/r18 contents.
tldr: add nsfw tag if it's a swimsuit ecchi image and anything more than that are against ToS such as close ups of parts that can get your pp hard.
- concerned citizen
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