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absolutely AMAZING
i love the art and Everything about the play style
as a long time kof fan i gotta say this is a HUGE step up from the other kof mobile games

Black Survival


absolutely love it! its always keeping me on my toes
from the great art style and very interactive gameplay
this game is a real upgrade from other interactive games I've ever played
i HONESTLY would recommend this to anyone

Identity V | Global


identity v is easily one of my favorite 4v1 online mobile games.
the graphics are pretty good for a mobile game and the characters are really creative,but very hard to get.
online play is smooth,with occasional lags.
This game is recommend for people who have a lot of free time on their hands,because you've gotta play a lot in order to get good stuff(you can buy the necessary items but it's not recommend)
overall i think this is a very fun game

Night of the Full Moon


wow!such an interesting card game,it's very unique with a CREATIVE art style
the play style is very cool too and this is coming for someone who doesn't EVEN LIKE card strategy games
i'd recommend this to any turnbased fighting fans

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